Saturday, March 03, 2012

Awesome Birthday at Aurora Fire Department

Last Saturday the firefighters and paramedics at Aurora Fire Department Station Number 10 helped make one special birthday celebration for Nicolas Noblitt. Some months back, Nic’s mom and dad bid on the fire station birthday party at a charity auction and won. According to the firemen (I can safely say that since this station does not have women among the crew), they don’t do parties. Someone with connections made the event happen and Nic was the happy recipient.

The firemen had set up the long tables right next to the trucks. Nic wheeled around and inspected the trucks as his guests arrived. Then Lt. Matson gave everyone a tour of the station and let the kids climb up into the fire truck and sit behind the big wheel. After pizza (interrupted by a paramedics call) and birthday cake, a couple of the other firemen showed just what it takes to get dressed for a call.

What a great day! I think the grownups enjoyed the party as much as the kids. Many thanks to the Aurora Fire Department!