Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dog-gone Good Ideas

I came across a great site this morning called Springwise, which is a network of 8,000 spotters who scan the globe for new business ideas.

This is a great site to keep up with innovative trends across a spectrum of industries, business, and pop culture.

And there I found a story--Social Networking for Dogs--and followed a link to the original Web site where you can find your dog a playmate or walking friend, arrange dogsitting, and meet new dogs in your neighborhood--if you happen to live in Australia and if you happen to have a dog. Neither of which applies to me at the present.

Oh, don't you just the the Internet? Happy Saturday!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

All the World is a Twitter

Can you keep up with Facebook, MySpace, Eons, LinkedIn and more? I do not think I can. However, I just signed up for Twitter, but I doubt I will remember to post on the fad-driven keep-it-simple social networking Web site.

I sort of had to get on Facebook since my boss charged me with serving as an administrator for our nonprofit's presence. I was already on LinkedIn but have no real idea why except my daughter-in-law suggested it.

Eons is probably more my speed since it is for Baby Boomers and I am certainly one of those.

Who knows what will come up next but according to Twitter I was thinking about going for a walk. That does sound healthier than sitting at the computer wasting time.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


The folks at Kline Creek Farm posted this photo of one of their newest babies. Located in Wheaton, Illinois, the forest preserve runs the farm to give local residents and kids an idea of what a working farm of the late 1800s was like.

I love the sweetness of new life. Spring is near.