Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday in Batavia, Illinois

I miss blogging. When I do finally get around to it, my posts are long, rambling pent-up words that flow as slowly as the Fox River, which is nearby. But today is Saturday and I am free and the day is mine. Why not spend a few minutes doing something I enjoy before turning to more mundane matters like cleaning the clog out of the bathtub?

It is only October and the pumpkins and Obama signs on my street remind me that we still have Halloween to get through before the election. My favorite sign, however, was perched atop a hammock. And the sign count on my block—6 Obama to 1 McCain.


Sarge Charlie said...

You folks are scaring the hell out of me Shelia, you cannot beat a black man because anything you say is racist. I am working on a post for tomorrow that will really express how I feel. I am in recovery from 8 days of CNN on the cruise, no wonder you folks have so much hate, they feed you a steady diet.

Naomi said...

Hi Sheila

Hope your job is going well. We miss your blogging too! Nice to see you around on the Blogosphere again! Happy Halloween!

Jay Croft said...

Unfortunately, mine is the ONLY Obama sign in the entire Old Cloverdale neighborhood. Not too many McCain signs, though. Mostly they're for the local contests.

While I was in Mobile yesterday, a family came to our house and asked my wife where to get an Obama sign.

So there's hope, even in Alabama.

Sheila said...

What were you doing watching CNN on a cruise? If anyone watches cable channels--any of them--they are going to get a distorted picture and overkill on any news. There is just too much time to fill and fill they do with lots of crap.

Hate mongering is no stranger in this campaign but I for the life of me, don't see hate in my posts. We can disagree about politics and the direction we want to see the country taken in, but I don't hate those who disagree with my ideas. You have me mixed up with the shouting on cable news shows.

Also on Saturday as I was having lunch, I overheard the two men behind me discussing politics. One asked, "Did you see the debates? Pretty bad. Both of them." He then continue, "You know I'm a Republican but Bush is going to go down as one of the worse presidents."

There are party members on both sides of the coin who have problems with the way things have been done. I've done my share of complaining about Democrats. You know that. And when John Lewis compares John McCain to the racism of George Wallace, I say, as does Obama, that he is dead wrong. He is only one supporter and it is unfair to use him as a one-size-fits all typical Obama supporter.

Love to hear from you. Happy Halloween to you too.

Rev. Jay,
I am surprised there aren't more Obama signs. It seemed to me that Old Cloverdale was more Democratic that the east side of Montgomery.

Anonymous said...

GO OBAMA!!! I am hanging on to his winning as light at the end of the tunnel!
PS- The Jesus pic you sent me last year is still gracing our dining room hutch.

Jay Croft said...

Sptted another Obama sign on College St. We're growing!

Sheila said...

Way to go Floridagirl. The original owner of the Jesus picture would be happy to know it has a good home. Hope Florida comes through in the Obama column.

Rev. Jay,
Both later than never.

Jay Croft said...

Wore an "Obama Y'all" T-shirt today to the dentist, the chiropractor and the supermarket.

Lots of big smiles when people saw it, even though they're not allowed to comment directly.

One supermarket customer, a woman with two small children, asked me where she could get a T-shirt for herself.

Marion said...

Your time away from blogging makes the ones you do write all the better!

We had our Federal Election yesterday. And I hope yours turns out a great deal better than the results of ours!

I have not blogged much lately, either. My brain has been too involved in the logical, political mode. Stifles my creativity.

From a Canadian, even if it doesn't count...Go, Obama! lol!

Grohe Faucets said...

that sign looks like its in the middle of a forest; do people really see that? o_O

UmmFarouq said...

My Great Aunt Mary went to Cloverdale Methodist and her house was on College St.
Mary Carrigan...if anyone knew her. Her husband helped build much of that neighborhood.

Yes, there still is hope for Alabama...go Obama.

Sheila said...

Rev. Jay,
I love the Obama Y'all shirt. Why didn't I think of that?

I can understand. Maybe when winter gets here, we can turn more inward and there will be more time for contemplation. We Americans are hopelessly focused on ourselves. I don't know nearly as much as I should about our neighbors to the North.

It certainly looks lost but I did find it. It takes the cake for the most unusual placement I think.

That neighborhood is so lovely still. I often walked by the Methodist Church when I lived in the neighborhood but never went inside.

Sarge Charlie said...

The bail out is beyond explanation, I do agree that something needed to be done but part of our system is the right to fail in business. Like Harry Reid said, no one knows what to do.
Powell has long since been a traitor to the Republican party. His reasoning for throwing his friend McCain over board was that he was horrified that McCain mentioned Bill Ayers, give me a break, his relationship to Obama is far more than he has admitted. Can you imagine if McCain or Pailen was friends with someone who bombed the Pentagon. How about the lie of the KILL HIM statement, or the abuse that Gov Pailen takes with no outcry. I am angry Sheila, and horrified of what you folks are about to do to our country.

Kanani said...

Hello, I saw your postings on sarge charlie.
The Obama/McCain signs are even in my area. There are loads for the local elections. Much is at stake in a state expected to grow to 50 million.

One can disagree with Obama and not be a racist. Disagree with his policies, his viewpoint, but leave race out of it.

Powell articulated his viewpoints well and he has the right to decide what he wants. A traitor to the Republican party? I think what's as important is that he work with his conscience and if it means breaking out, then so be it. He's still a Republican. He just happens not to agree with many in his party on this issue. I don't expect all Republicans nor Democrats or Libertarians, Greens, Peace & Freedom people to agree on everything. Granted, the choice for presidency is a big one and perhaps it does point to the fact that our country is at a scary (though I believe crossable) crossroads.

As for Palin. Too bad McCain didn't pick Olympia Snowe, R-Maine.

And now, back to fashion models on the runway!

Sheila said...

I am horrified that a senator I once respected chose such an ill-prepared running mate. The dressed-up Barbie doll candidate he has in Gov. Palin is scary to me. I agree with Powell on that point. Whatever relationship Obama had with Ayers, Ayers won't ever have a chance of running the country. You don't have to be in lockstep with your party on everything. I certainly am not. And yes, I am scared that if the Democrats get into power, they too will blow it.

Glad to have you visit. There are many qualified Republican women and they should be mad they weren't considered. How about Kay Bailey Hutchinson? Not that I agree with her. I just think she had the credentials that are so lacking in Gov Palin.

And I agree with you that people are not racist just because they don't like Obama. That's silly, but it is silly season.

Opaque Tights said...

your job is going really well

Jay Croft said...

On Woodward Ave. between College St. and Boultier St, Montgomery AL: Fivw Obama signs,plus two for local races. One McSame/Pain sign far down the street.

This is not counting my own sign, as I live around the corner.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I've been counting the signs here too. Palm Springs/Southern California area leans Republican, but I still see more signs for Obama by my count.

Sheila said...

Rev. Jay,
That's strength in numbers. Glad those folks got their signs up too.

I thought my district was heavily Republican too but not any more.

UmmFarouq said...

College St. rocks! Ah, the memories...the Winn Dixie was right behind the fence behind my Aunt Mary's/Grandmother's shared two-story duplex. Manicured lawns and hot balmy days.