Sunday, March 15, 2009

All the World is a Twitter

Can you keep up with Facebook, MySpace, Eons, LinkedIn and more? I do not think I can. However, I just signed up for Twitter, but I doubt I will remember to post on the fad-driven keep-it-simple social networking Web site.

I sort of had to get on Facebook since my boss charged me with serving as an administrator for our nonprofit's presence. I was already on LinkedIn but have no real idea why except my daughter-in-law suggested it.

Eons is probably more my speed since it is for Baby Boomers and I am certainly one of those.

Who knows what will come up next but according to Twitter I was thinking about going for a walk. That does sound healthier than sitting at the computer wasting time.


Sarge Charlie said...

You may be right Sheila, but what he has done so far is not encouraging. He talked the markets down a couple of trillion until someone finally told him to shut the hell up. Maybe no one bothered to talk to him about jawboning. He is clear and simple unqualified for the job, you to will admit that within the next year. America is too valuable to risk in the hands of a rank armature.

Marshamlow said...

I love twitter best of all. I subscribe to hundreds of interesting people. I use the program twhirl to keep up with it all. When I am online I like to start twhirl and just listen to what people are saying, whenever someone updates it pops up on the bottom of my screen. I can read it or not. I have subscribed to a lot of news sources and a lot of fun and interesting people. It was especially fun during the debates or during the superbowl etc. You can also search for tweets on a specific subject and get into heated debates. It is a little boring unless you are listening to a lot of people. And I never try to keep up with what was said while I was away. Hope you enjoy it! I am marshamlow on twitter.

Diane J Standiford said...

I guess I have enough in form people to talk with, whose chat I can place in context of who I know them to be...Twitter...where does it end?

Palm Springs Savant said...

I just can't keep up with it all. I'm on Linked in, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger...ahhhh. Although I really don't know what to do with Twitter. it baffles me. Look me up and tell me what to do Sheila.