Sunday, June 21, 2009

Strawberry Pies Forever

Hey y’all marketing/pr folks over at Shoney’s, Frisch’s Big Boy, or Bob’s Big Boy Restaurants, I have a question for you if your alerts pick up on this blog post. What’s the real original recipe for your strawberry pie?

I have had a recipe for years that tastes pretty close to what I remember the pie tasting like. However, no fewer that 46 versions crop up when you search Shoney’s Strawberry Pie over at and another 11 more if you search Bob’s Big Boy Strawberry Pie.

Some call for strawberry Jello. Others cooks top their pies with Cool Whip (do not get me started on Cool Whip) instead of whipped cream. My version uses 7-Up. So I was curious as to what is the real, original version y’all came up with?

In case you were wondering Dear Gentle Readers, I made a strawberry pie for elder son in honor of Father’s Day. Hope he likes it.


Marion said...

I think I made my recipe up, Sheila, I can't think where else it came from. I use cornstarch, lemon, strawberry juice, sugar, cook it all up and pour it over those luscious berries housed in the home made pie shell. Then I serve it with whipped cream...yummy!

UmmFarouq said...

Real whipping cream...ahh, the best. No whipped plastic for the discerning tasters! No, no, no.

I miss that Big Boy.

Jay Croft said...

When I moved to the DC suburbs in 1980, there was a Big Boy restaurant nearby. (New Hampshire Ave. exit of the Beltway.)

I had never been in one before, so I tried a meal there.

It was so bad that I went back a few days later to see if it was a one-time fluke. The meal was bad also.

So, I never went back--there were, and still are, plenty of better places to eat in that area.

Now Big Boy is gone. Not sure what they've replaced it with at that location.

As for Cool Whip--anathema!

Sheila said...

Jay, I was never a fan of much else except the strawberry pie. It was memorable.

Jay Croft said...

You made a strawberry pie for your son and you "Hope he likes it."

He better like it! Or else!