Monday, September 07, 2009

Googling BedBugs

I put Google ads back up on the blog since I am trying to make it to my $100 threshold. I don’t write to make money, but I would like to get the few bucks Google says I have earned. However, I thought it funny that three of the ads were about bedbugs. Well, that’s because I wrote about the Poundin Bedbugs Playskool toy and the fact that Colorado State didn’t have their annual sofa roundup because of the little critters. I will try to watch what I write about from now on.


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Lorelei said...

I clicked on one of your Google ads to help you towards your goal, and it crashed Firefox. lol I hope you at least got credit for the click. I'd like to click some more, but now I'm afraid! It may bite.