Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shame on St. Louis Cardinals

I just read my daughter-in-law's Facebook post about the difficulty she encountered with getting tickets to a St. Louis Cardinal baseball game in September and I'm mad.

She wrote,
Just bought tickets to a St. Louis Cardinals game in Sept. I am sad to report that even though they built that nice new stadium, there is not handicap accessible seating in the affordable seats. They wanted to charge $77 a person per ticket to be in handicap seating rather than the $24 a person for tix in the upper deck.
She commented further:  Thanks for the support. My thought way, do they charge disabled veterans this price?!! This may be one of my new missions. The Chicago White Sox had great accessible seating in the upper deck yesterday for $22 a person.
Dad & Nic at Sunday's White Sox game in affordable seats.
More:  Well, Cardinals, someone from that number you gave me just called me back and the final verdict is that NO, there are NOT accessible seats on every level. They were not built into the upper levels of the new park. And, all the $77 accessible seats are full so we would have to pay even more than that per person. Guess I've found a new mission to help kids with disabilities get affordable seats in the MLB.
Natalie has 1247 Facebook friends and is a social media marketing professional. If anyone could stand up for kids who can't stand up themselves, she's the one. I hope she has the time to pursue this mission in between taking care of little Nic and managing her business. 
So, I say shame on the St. Louis Cardinals! Sad that you have forgotten the days when a family could afford to go to a baseball game--even a family with a child in a wheelchair.


Marion said...

What an adorable photo of Nic...I hope he enjoyed his day at the game.

Money is God, it seems. But perhaps they angered the wrong person,this time, when they tried to make money off of disabled seats. I, too, hope your daughter-in-law has the time to take this on...it's completely disgraceful.

I hope you are doing well, Sheila...xx

Sheila said...

Good to hear from you Marion and hope you are well. Natalie had good news today when after talking with four people, accessible and affordable seats materialized. Still, it takes effort to get what is just.