Sunday, September 04, 2011

Getting the Lay of the Land in Aurora, Illinois

Summer update: I’ve moved from Batavia to Aurora, Illinois, the second biggest city in Illinois. I’m two blocks away from older son, and family. Grandma Sheila, that’s what Nic calls me, can walk to baby sit these days. I promise not to become the annoying mother-in-law Marie from the TV show, Everybody Loves Raymond, to my daughter-in-law, but there are parallels like the brother who lives at home. And differences. There’s no Frank.

It’s a nice neighborhood near Aurora University. I can:
  • watch the peewee football players practice after school at Freeman Elementary school across the street;
  • shop at Prisco’s Fine Foods and have my groceries carried out to my car with nary a tip expected;
  • go to a Blvd District neighbors’ meeting on neighborhood safety issues on Tuesday night;
  • visit the Jewel, a Wal-Mart, Aldi’s, public library branch, an old-fashioned hardware store, walkin medical clinic (just in case—I really don’t want to visit this but it’s nice to know it’s there), and more nearby;
  • eat at restaurants close by like the Roundhouse, an historic downtown Aurora landmark that’s recently shed the Walter Payton name;
  • take classes at Waubonsee Community College’s new downtown Aurora campus (disclaimer: my son works for the college); and
  • check out the farmers market every Saturday in warm weather and enjoy local musicians like the lady Patsy Cline singer who was wailing out a mean version of Crazy the day I stopped by for tomatoes.

And speaking of tomatoes, my next door neighbor has generously supplied us with the most amazingly beautiful heirloom tomatoes which certainly proves growing monster tomatoes without fertilizer is not only possible but delicious. She promised to give me tips when spring planting season rolls around.

So, I am exploring and getting the lay of the land. Can you tell I kind of like it here? Should maybe I change the name of this blog?


Marion said...

This sounds like such a positive move for you, Grandma Sheila. I'm so glad you've moved closer to your awesome, amazing grandson (and your sons and family, as well!) "Frank" will come along when you're ready or doesn't matter. You sound happy to be here in Aurora! It certainly sounds like a great place.

Should you change the name of your blog? I don't know...I've always loved the name Alabama Kitchen Sink. You're a southern lady, dear matter where you live! xx

Palm Springs Savant said...

Sheila- I used to work in Aurora about 15 years ago, its a nice place to live (i've been back since, so I know it has changed since then). Anyway...I do think Alabama Kitchen Sink may have other roots....

Sheila said...

Marion, I do feel it's positive and the neighborhood is great.

Rick, I suppose Aurora has changed and it seems to have its detractors but so far I like it just fine. Guess I've lived in so many places that Alabama in the blog title is as good as any place.

I wish I took time to blog more for I miss that connection with other bloggers like you two. Thanks for stopping by.