Saturday, October 29, 2011

Retro Morning Coffee

I’ve had the General Electric 12-cup percolator for about a month. After a long-term relationship with Mr. Coffee, I find this coffee maker just right, and I’m enjoying a cup of Eight O’clock Coffee as I write this. Sorry to say, Eight O’clock Coffee rebranded its iconic red and black packaging so I’m not totally retro this morning.

Mr. Coffee never really delivered. Sure, it was coffee, but not good, hearty coffee. I tried Black & Decker and Proctor Silex. No, not right either. On a whim and after remembering Mother’s percolator, I went retro. Of course, if I really wanted to do retro right, I’d use a stovetop percolator like Paula Deen’s 8-cup percolator, about which she’s quoted as saying, “No kitchen would be complete without a nostalgic percolator.”

I have to agree. Happy Saturday!

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Marion said...

I remember those old stovetop percolators. Do you recall how they used to boil over, if you didn't keep your eye on them? I didn't like the smell of burned coffee, not to mention the grounds which went into the cracks, etc. of the stove.

I love it when the coffee pot and I have become old friends...inevitably, the unit seems to break down just at that point!

I hope you're well, old friend! xx