Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fun Armadillo Facts

It is illegal to sell a live armadillo in Texas, because they can carry leprosy.

The State of Texas named the armadillo the state mammal.

Armadillos jump up in the air when threatened. This explains why you see so many killed by cars. Plus, they are nocturnal and eat road kill. Remember what Mama said about playing in the road?

They like to dig and have been called “gravediggers.” You can guess why.

They were called “Hoover hogs” during the Depression because of dislike for President Hoover, and the taste of armadillo meat has been compared to pork.


Marsha said...

I never saw an armadillo until I moved here to Mississippi, I see them here all the time. But, they taste like pork, that totally grosses me out. I guess I am thankful that I am able to buy the pork.

Marion said...

Well. At least it doesn't taste like chicken, like a lot of meat I wouldn't be inclined to taste seems to.

I wonder what it smells like, when it's being cooked. Have you tasted it, Sheila?

There are no armadillos here. Isn't it kind of strange they would name an armadillo a state animal that carries leprosy? Can you sell a dead one? LOL

Waitress Polly said...

I've never seen one! Though I have heard they used to make ladies handbags out of them. It seems odd to me, but well, I guess different styles for different folk!

I love your Colbert shirt. He makes me laugh. I think he'd be a very difficult person to live with, don't you?

Lorelei said...

I don't know, they look like a huge rat with armor on. Ick! Don't think I'd want to eat one.

Jay Croft said...

It carries leprosy? I doubt that.

Jay Croft said...

I was wrong.

Sheila said...

I'm with you on the pork. I guess we could call armadillo, the other pork.

I don't think they will migrate that far north and they don't like freezing temperatures much.

Thanks about the Colbert shirt. I'm making one for College Boy that says "truthiness" if I don't get pegged by CafePress for intellectual property violations.

I love the rat with armor on comparison. Too funny. But true.

Well, you are hardly wrong ever.

I am way too caught up in armadillos. I posted again about my new favorite topic.

Naomi said...

I never knew Armadillos were found in Mississipi. You learn something new every day Sheila. Don't think I would like to come face to face with one on a dark night! They are scary looking creatures!

KJ said...

Who would have thunk? An armadillo with leprosy!


JorgXMcKie said...

My brother is a real practical joker. Some years ago, when he was a traveling salesman with a really big territory, he accidentally killed a 'dillo late at night on the road. He stopped, picked it up and took it home and froze it.

The next Spring he thawed it out, took it out and through it on the road in east central Missouri next [next to his house], then convinced the local newspaper that it was solid evidence that armadillos were migrating north.

The story got picked up, briefly, by the AP and the St Louis newspapers. heh.