Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Would You Believe

Incredible news about Stephen Colbert running for President in South Carolina! Isn’t that wonderful? I finally have a candidate I can support. Oh, wait a minute, I don’t live in South Carolina. A native of South Carolina, Colbert plans to run as a favorite son and as a Democrat and a Republican. Can you do that? He was quoted as saying, "Let the voters decide what he is."

I also note that yesterday, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in 10 states endorsed John Edwards for president. I have to agree with the campaign missive I received from the Edwards campaign that the “Washington establishment has been trying to turn the Democratic primary contest into a coronation for months.”

I would just like to think that other Democrats besides the ones in Iowa and New Hampshire have a voice in selecting the party’s presidential nominee. And here in Missouri, our primary is on Tuesday, February 5, 2008, along with a slew of other states.

Some time ago I urged that we adopt a national primary day and all go to the polls on the same day. Slowly and surely, I think we are headed in that direction despite the Democratic Party leadership’s efforts to keep things as is. Florida Democrats can have their primary on January 29, if they want, and the party leaders would best not try to ignore them. We all want to have our voices heard. GET THAT, HD?

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Marsha said...

That is so funny. I saw him being interviewed by Larry King the other day, hilarious. I tagged you for an award over at my blog, be sure to stop by and pick it up.

Sheila said...

Thanks Marsha. I wish I'd seen him on Larry King.

Miss Trashahassee said...

A National Primary HOLIDAY sounds like a great idea to me.

This opinion piece by Reed Mahoney in yesterday's Tallahassee Democrat tells "How Things Oughta Work." I found it to be very entertaining, but quite truthful as well. Click the link to read. And enjoy!

How things oughta work (and how they once did in politics) by Reed Mahoney, "My View," The Tallahassee Democrat, October 19, 2007

Miss T

KJ said...

Oy vey! As if this election isn't already confusing and complicated!