Saturday, September 27, 2008

Voter Registration Deadlines Approaching

Y’all know my love of politics. Last night’s debate between John McCain and Barack Obama was a draw in my opinion.

I’m generally not into bashing and trashing since heavens knows there is a ton of that already on TV and online. I do think, however, that Sen. Obama came out looking and sounding more presidential and was the more gracious of the two candidates. Obama faced Sen. McCain, looking directly at him when he spoke to him. My Mama taught me to look at a person when I spoke to him, didn’t yours? And Sen. Obama was confident enough to agree with Sen. McCain on several points, a clear signal that this is the man who can bring us together and not push us further apart.

Debate and economic turbulence aside, I am finally getting around to my point today. Last Thursday on the way home from my new job, I stopped off at the library and registered to vote in my new hometown. The deadline for registering to vote is fast approaching in many states, including here in Illinois, which has a deadline of 28 days before the election.

A great resource for voting information on a state-by-state basis can be found at the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. In a quick perusal on my part I found that voters in Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Wyoming can register to vote on election day, and voters in North Dakota don’t even have to register at all, the only state which does not require such of her voters.

The rest of y’all unregistered voters better get yourselves over to the town or county clerk, library, or wherever they sign up folks soon. You can also register by mail in many states. And the Obama folks have a great voter information site to aid with registration too. But please vote! Too much depends on it to sit this one out.


Sarge Charlie said...

Yep, all of the photos are new except for the two with more color. That shot at dusk was two days ago, I love these mountains.

I would have a different take on the debate, I thought McCain got under his skin even frustrated him for a time. Of course he had to agree with mccain other wise he would look stupid. Your guy was well rehearsed but could only repeat what he had memorized, my guy spoke from experience, you cannot get that from a book. :)

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi Shelia, back for another bite of the apple, or another boiled peanut:

Reading debate stuff I came across this.... Obama, frankly, sounded like a pointy-headed bureaucrat explaining the details of current congressional negotiations, George Will. I agree with Mr Will, just so you know........:)

Marshamlow said...

Hi Shelia,

I also thought the debate was a draw. I am still undecided. What a pain. I think that many people see what they want to see, meaning that debate didn't change anyone's mind.

I am not going to make my pick based on how someone handles a debate, whether they looked polished or not is irrelevant to me. I did think they both looked polished and spoke well. Both made good points.

I am not afraid. Both men are smart and savvy and the country would do well with either. I don't think this is a doomsday scenario. We have to make the right decision or else.

The things I like about Obama are: I want the govt to be on the side of the average Joe instead of on the side of the companies. Tax the wealthy and the businesses, yeah! But, I like that McCain is about cutting spending of the federal govt. I would rather have local control of tax dollars instead of billions of dollars of bureaucracy to get the money from my pocket back into my schools, roads, hospitals. Cut the federal taxes so we can afford to raise local and state taxes.

For me foreign policy is a wash: I think we should get out of Iraq, but I also think we should get out of Afghanistan. I think we should leave policing the world to the united nations and concentrate on the home front. Spend the money securing the ports, Internet, boarders, creating jobs and spending us tax dollars at home. Both guys make good points about foreign policy: I don't know enough to know, is it better to hold Pakistan accountable or is it best to take a softer approach? I just don't know. Is it better to talk to Iran or not?

And then there was health care. Can Obama make it better or is he blowing smoke? Hate the McCain idea.

With the ideology being thus, such that I don't subscribe to either of them entirely, I am as of now thinking that rewarding the military experience of a great man is going to swing my vote to McCain. Plus, I hate the way some of the Obama people are acting especially the media. Did you see that 20/20 Obama love fest before the debate. Compare that to what they did to Sarah Palin. Was that fair and balanced journalism? Palin has a higher security clearance than either Obama or McCain. Did you know that the Russian jets still fly over our borders and test our security and we have to escort them home? Palin is the commander in Chief of the first line of defense against Russia. Does that qualify her to handle the middle east? no. But, the smear campaign against her is outrageous and who wants to be lumped in with people who act like that?

Sorry to high jack your comments. Have a great weekend.

Sheila said...

Hey Sarge. Can't you ever say anything nice about Mr. O?

I am absolutely delighted to see your comments. I wonder who the undecided voter is. Maybe it is you. You made some excellent points.

However, I hope you will base your decision on what the candidates say and not how the media treats them. The media are not going to be the ones a heartbeat away from getting our soldiers into unwise conflicts that could possibly be avoided. McCain has served America honorably. Not many would argue otherwise and certainly not me. But he has sided with Bush far too many times despite his "maverick" mantra. I once respected him more, but his judgment in choosing such an ill-equipped running mate is scary.

I just read a Newsweek opinion piece that had a quote from the Palin-Couric interview. It was so disjointed that it failed to make any sense to me at all. Palin may be a fine governor for a huge state with a tiny population, but please remember that if you choose McCain, she will be a heartbeat away and nothing she has said so far reassures me she would be ready to assume the presidency if necessary.

Thanks for your sharing your views.

Sarge Charlie said...

Yep, I can, Mr O is clean and articulate.....:) SORRY, I forgot that is raciest...

Jay Croft said...

"Palin has a higher security clearance than either Obama or McCain." Proof, please.

And she is not "commander in chief" regarding our defense line, any more than Bob Riley is "commander in chief" of Maxwell-gunter Air Force Base here in Montgomery. Those are Federal installations, and the local governor has no authority over them.

Sheila said...

Sarge, I am proud of you.

Glad to hear from you again. Speaking of Bob Riley, I happen to think he would have made a good Republican VP choice. I thought he was a decent enough governor when I lived in Alabama. Well, he was a Republican but he was competent and not afraid to tackle asking voters for a tax hike.

Jay Croft said...

More and more questions are arising about Riley. His administration is perhaps not as "squeaky-clean" as we once thought.

However, as we see by the financial meltdown: integrity in politics is a liability.

Sheila said...

I don't keep up much with Alabama politics Jay. Of course, I love it that my senator might be president.

Jay Croft said...

Ayup! And, he WILL be president, the Lord willin' and the creek don't rise!

My wife took my picture with Obama! Of course, it was a cardboard cutout, at a kiosk at National Airport. (I refuse to call it Reagan Airport.)

The Obama cutout was on one side of the kiosk. On the other side was a cutout of Sarah the Pain, with McSame standing behind her.

I swear I didn't do it--but someone moved the two Republican cutouts so it seemed that McSame was goosing her!

Sheila said...

Jay, that funny. I love it when the public gets creative with signs. Looking forward to the debate tonight. I continue to be McScared by the Mc team.

Jay Croft said...

Joe Biden is going to mop the floor with her! She is truly pathetic.

On the Daily Kos website, there's a video of Katie Couric asking her what Supreme Court decisions (other than Roe v. Wade) that she disagrees with. Palin couldn't think of one.

See her gulp when the question was asked.

Sheila said...

Well, it will be interesting if nothing else. Tremendous vibe about it for sure. I guess that the kindest way to explain Palin's inarticulate stumbling answers is that she doesn't think quick on her feet, but even a Brown v Board of Education throw in would have been good enough. Or a Wall Street Journal or Time for the question about what publications she reads which was a great question in my opinion. I think we will see more specifics tonight.

Jay Croft said...

Here's a link to Palin's experience with Russia:

She has never visited Little Diomede Island and has never seen Russia.

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Opaque Tights said...

i am proud of you