Saturday, July 04, 2009

A Patriotic Rocky Road to Recovery

What better than a cone of ice cream to celebrate the Fourth of July? I found a new flavor of Edy’s ice cream at the grocery store today.

What caught my eye in addition to the patriotic colors was the little product note on the back.

At Edy’s®, we have a history of lifting spirits. In 1929, we introduced a new flavor of ice cream to bring a smile to people during the dark days of the Great Depression. That flavor was Rocky Road. Now 80 years later, we’re at it again. To brighten the summer, Edy’s is proud to unveil a new Slow Churned® Light Ice Cream Limited Edition Flavor: Red, White & No More Blues!

I’ll let you know what we think, but I’d be surprised if I didn’t like it.

The Edy’s folks are doing their part to further economic recovery. Now, go out and buy something. That’s is if you still have a job.


Sarge Charlie said...

rockey road to recovery, I think there are some bolders in the road. I hope you and yours have a wonderful 4th of july.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Delicious! i love ice cream anyway, but Rocky Road is a fav.

Sheila said...

Thanks Sarge and Rick.

Marion said...

Isn't that great...Ice Cream full of optimism! I hope you and your family enjoyed the holiday, Sheila, I've been thinking of you.