Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Answer

On August 1 two teenage boys found the remains of Sheila Joan Noblitt over six years after she disappeared one cold January day in 2002. It looks like she died from exposure.

I became acquainted with the case after writing about what happens when you Google your name. I heard back from a detective handling the case and from one of Joan’s relatives.

To the Noblitt family, I am sorry for your loss. We do not know each other, but I can only imagine how hard these last six and a half years have been wondering what fate befell Sheila Joan. May you find this closure as sad as it is, brings peace.

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Sarge Charlie said...

As a parent it is hard to imagine the pain this family suffered for six years.

Marshamlow said...

Yes, I echo what Sarge Charlie says, my sympathies.

Marshamlow said...
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