Friday, September 08, 2006

Sheila Joan Noblitt Is Still Missing

I wrote about Googling my name a while back and how Sheila Joan Noblitt came up (not me). Sheila Joan Noblitt went missing in North Carolina five years ago. Her family is still looking for her. I heard from a relative that the case is still unresolved. How does one so easily disappear? They are still hoping to find out what happened. Surely someone must know something. Sheila Joan, they need to know about you.


Tim said...

I'll keep an eye out for y...her.

I've Googled myself before and have discovered that I've either got multi-personalities or am a skilled jack-of-all-trades.

I'm a horse jockey, a professor with a doctorate in music (which I found ironic due to my B.A. in music), a professional photographer (now that's a laugh), Indy 500 driver, an assistant to an assistant-producer on "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", a columnist, small-time oil tycoon, heavy metal drummer and fencing instructor. Put THAT on a resume. :)

Sheila said...

Now those are interesting! Especially the assistant to an assistant producer for "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."

It was a sad email from the missing Sheila Joan though. How do you move on with and forget someone? Don't imagine it's possible.

Tim said...

Oddly enough, I've heard that significant percentage of adults that disappear, they want to disappear.

I don't know the whole story of her missing, but perhaps you could ask the family if you could post her picture on your blog with a, "Have you seen this woman?" widget in your menu.

Just a thought.

Sheila said...

I don't know the circumstances either, Tim, and I've heard the same about people wanting to disappear in some situations.

Anonymous said...

I also googled my sisters name and was very surprised to end up on your web page. Yes, she has been missing for almost 5 yrs. She is bipolor and was in a manic state when she walked off. On a frigid Jan. morning, the temp was around 10 degrees. The search teams and dogs covered 1200 acres for 3 days. Three months later the death dogs came in, this was too much . My parents are still grieving and will continue until their daughter is found. We have no closure, we wait, we pray, we cry, we miss her terribly. Her birthday is 7/13/57. She has worked as a hairstylist for 27 yrs. She owned her business, which I am now working. I am also a hairstylist, she taught me well, we worked together for 12 yrs before she became disabled. She is talented, smart, and a survivor. Please help us pray that she is safe and can be found.

Thank You, Kay Kee

Anonymous said...

Joan Noblitt's family now has some closure and can grieve, as Joan's remains have been found less than a mile from her home in Old Fort, North Carolina this past week. I'm attaching the McDowell News article. Joan was a sweet person. She cut my hair (and my mother's and father's) while I lived there in Marion.

-Thanks. Shannon

L K Tucker said...

I have a Google Alert about missing students that turned up a story about Sheila Joan Noblitt. Two boys found a human skull in the woods. The authorities are investigating it through DNA to determine if it is Noblitt.

I began a page about student disappearances when I accidentally discovered a college newspaper article about the mystery surrounding them.

Remember Brian Shaffer, Maura Murray, Michael Negrete, Joshua Guimond, or Justin Gains? They are all still missing. The first case noted on the Internet was Ron Tammen, Miami of Ohio, 1953.

Occasionally one returns in an altered mental state. Ahmad Arain left a bus in Watts and walked to Mexico. After six weeks he recovered enough to remember his email address. Matthew Wilson was found in Berkeley California eight months after he disappeared from Rice in Houston. Hannah Upp was rescued while attempting suicide. A high school teacher/grad student, she had disappeared while jogging.

Common sense tells us that there must be a simple explanation for this. Subliminal Distraction is that cause. visit the Missing Students, Mysterious Disappearance, and Dissociative Fugue pages.

SD is explained in college psychology. Known for forty years schools are unaware of it or the hazard from exposure. In Design it is believed to cause a harmless temporary episode. The cubicle was created to deal with the vision startle reflex to prevent mental breaks in offices by 1968.