Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sewing Up Some Football

Months ago I wrote about my adventures in learning how to quilt. Maybe I should say my misadventures. I have ripped out more than I have sewn it seems (did that pun escape you?).

However, Nic’s quilt for Christmas, which I hoped to have finished by the Alabama-Auburn Iron Bowl game—it’s today dear gentle non-football-fan readers, is coming along.
I have discovered that this project, launched with nary a pattern to guide me, has been immensely fun as well as immensely time consuming. My day job is interfering in the progress of this seat-of-my-pants project.

I am not your grandma’s quilter, content to choose a pattern someone else designed. I have chosen to design my own. Yet, what you see here is not what I set out to create. It was much more ambitious.

There is much left to do but I have finished the quilt top. Next, I will attach the back and inner batting to the top and then “quilt” the whole thing by hand. Thank God it is only a crib-size quilt. And thank God for the little Project Runway Brother sewing machine I recently bought. I used it to appliqué the letters and footballs.

I will let you know how it turns out, but I have a football game to get ready for. ROOOLL TIDE!

NOTE: I like the new sewing machine from Brother but do not expect to see me trying out for Project Runway. Now if they had a show about designing quilts and such, I might give that a shot.


Marshamlow said...

I have one quilt under my belt so far, which mean I know just enough to be really impressed with your work. Great job. I also love the new profile photo.

PD Warrior said...

I have nothing but respect for quilters. It is a hobby my wife has taken up, one she loves immensely. Now if I could only get her to enjoy football...

Anonymous said...

Well, at least your team won the Iron Bowl!!
I give you many kudos for attempting quilting- I can barely sew a button on.
Hope your Thanksgiving was marvelous.

Marion said...

I am still attempting to figure out my sewing machine. On the first try, I broke the needle...

I think I'll go back to sewing it by hand!

This is a beautiful quilt and the best that evolved as you worked.

One of these days, I hope to have a quilt I made showcased in a post, but it'll not be soon, lol!

Naomi said...

That's a beautiful quilt Sheila. It's easy to tell it was a labour of love. Well done! Happy New Year to you and your family.