Saturday, December 12, 2009

Awesome Crimson Tide Christmas Present

Work with me here folks. I am supposed to be doing my annual Christmas Countdown and while one of my readers suggested I post a photo of the Christmas tree when I got it up, I'd rather post about a non-Christmas subject--football. Well, except I think I have found a way to tie the two together.

Here goes. I really was thinking about Christmas and visited some Web sites selling University of Alabama merchandise looking for ideas for gifts. No hints here, but I think the intended recipients are clueless since they don't usually read the blog.

But lo and behold, I discovered a new product which I think is worthy of comment. You see it pictured here. No intended gift recipient has a satellite dish, but I thought, "How neat!" Now you can show your team spirit and cover that boring dish with the Dishrag. I really liked the name too.

I will have some more Christmas posts--so many I am practically bursting at the seams. Only, I am so crazy-busy at work (I am one of Santa's Elves, after all), that it's hard to find time to write.

Meanwhile, Happy Shopping dear gentle readers.


Marion said...

An elf! Sheila, you never cease to delight lovely to be an elf at Christmas!

It's ok...I will wait until you do have the time to you've got great stories about Christmas, especially relating to your work!

Sheila said...

Hi Marion, I do and the great thing is that I am getting to play matchmaker too for some last minute family assistance.

Sarge Charlie said...

Here I am, humbled by the mighty tide, enjoy, next year.......