Monday, April 23, 2007

Roll Tide, Roll!!!

Will the Tide roll next year under new Coach Nick Saban? Well, expectations are running high and anytime a team can get 100,000 fans to turn out for a spring game, you can safely say the fan-base is there. There were so many fans that turned out for the Tide's traditional A-Day game on Saturday that they couldn't all fit into Bama's newly enlarged stadium.

In all my years at BAMA I don't ever recall going to an A-Day game, but I would have yesterday if I had known in time that it was FREE. So, was it that the game was free or that we Alabama fans are letting our hopes get built up over the team under Coach Saban?

The game made the news here yesterday with the Montgomery Advertiser devoting a huge part of Sunday's front page to the story. I can't wait to see if the Tide will roll for sure in the fall, but Saturday leaves me really hopeful.


Jay Croft said...

Right. I returned home last night from DC, and found the "A game" splashed all over the front page.

Why is an off-season practice game so important?

Methinks a big part of the picture is media hype.

Sheila said...

Well, dang I just deleted what I wrote and now I have to start over.

Jay, here's the book to explain all about the college football fan in the South. It's Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer by Warren St. John, a New York Times reporter who once met the "Bear" and has a photo to prove it but who has never attended the University as far as I know. The book earned 1st place on the Chronicle of Higher Ed's list of top ten college sports books. It's funny and written with a lot of love.

St. John has a weblog at
where you can see the cutest picture of probably the first baby named after the new coach. Saban Witt joins a big brother named Tyde.

To answer your question: it isn't really important but I'd say it's more an opportunity to join like thinking Bama fans. Kind of a family reunion of sorts.

Don said...

I hope Bama fan(atics) aren’t letting the hiring of a high salaried and high profile coach let them build themselves up for a big letdown next fall. True, a great coach should be able to get more out of his players than a less talented one, but if he succeeds in getting out of them all they have and that’s still not enough to produce a championship contender, which is what those in the stands want, …………well, you know how that goes.

Don said...

I guess I should correct my typo and say "fan(atic)s".

Sheila said...

Don, that's a good point. Some Bama fans are awfully patient, least they were with Shula, and patient to a fault because he was "family." Others will be satified with no less from Saban than a championship team, but this fan would be happy to see us just in the running again. And a victory over Auburn.

Dirty Butter said...

He can just about lose them all, IF he beats Auburn!! That's been the criteria all along from most die hard Bama fans. I'm not that big into football, but I'm ready to see Auburn lose one.

Sheila said...

DB, you couldn't have gone to Auburn! Somehow once a team gets too good, even the non-fans pull for the underdog, not that I have ever considered Bama an underdog.