Friday, April 13, 2007

Why I Love Friday Night Lights

UPDATE from Sheila
Please help fans of this show convince NBC that this is the kind of television we need. Newspaper writers from the Baltimore Sun, Houston Chronicle, Chicago Tribune and many other papers have written that this is a great show worthy of saving. Now, it's up to those of us tired of silly shows and dumb gimmicks to take a few moments and voice our opinions. One fellow blogger fan is mounting a campaign and there may be more. Here's the link: and I am also writing NBC while I'm at it. If you want to write to NBC, here's the E-mail address:

The Dillon Panthers are down 26-0 in the state finals, and Coach Taylor’s halftime speech to the team is worth repeating:

“When Jason Street went down first game of the season, everybody wrote us off. Everybody. And yet, here we are at the championship game. 40,000 people out there have also written us off. There are a few out there who do still believe in you. A few’ll never give up on you. You go back out there on the field. Those are the people I want in your minds. Those are the people I want in your hearts.

Every man at some point in his life is going lose a battle. He’s gonna fight and he’s gonna lose. But what makes him a man is that in the midst of that battle, he does not lose himself. This battle is not over. So let’s hear it one more time. Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose. “

Wednesday night concluded the season for the best show on television, NBC’s Friday Night Lights. Its future is uncertain. Apparently a few new episodes have been ordered. I don’t want to see this show go. Not yet. If you love the show, please write to NBC and let them know that we need good shows like this one.


Dirty Butter said...

I agree with you, Sheila! There are so many dumb shows on TV that get renewed, it's hard to believe they would want to can one of such quality. I'm not one to join in petitions and such, but this time I think I will. Thanks for the email link.

Sheila said...

Thanks DB. I don't usually do that sort of thing either, but I'm tired of American Idol and I really think there's a bigger audience for Friday Night Lights. It's strong on so many levels.