Friday, May 11, 2007

Kool Aid Pickles

Have you heard about Kool Aid dill pickles? I hadn't until daughter-in-law Natalie put me onto the story. She's editor of Fancy Food Magazine, but I can't call these Kool Aid dills fancy food by any stretch of my imagination. The New York Times had a story about the pickles and others are picking up the story.

We in the South will eat a lot of strange stuff like salted peanuts in Cokes and such and while I'd heard of fried dills, the Kool Aid version was intriguing. Seems they originated in the Delta region of Mississippi. It seems you make a double strength batch of Kool Aid and then soak the dill pickles in that, ending up with a kind of candied pickle. They are rather pretty, all red, but this pickle lover is gonna pass on this trend.


Don said...

I may just try this if my cukes produce well this year. Normally put them up as kosher dills and bread and butter pickles.

Marion said...

Nope. No way. There is no way I could enjoy a red, candied pickle. I love the regular kind way too much!

kaliblue said...

I've never heard of the kool-aid, but my mom has always made red hots pickles. Ya know from the red hot candies. They are so crip and sweet with a tiny taste of cinnamon candy. Very, very yummy let me tell ya:-).

Have a great weekend!

Sheila said...

Don, my Granny used to can all sorts of pickles and veggies and the sweet bread and butter pickles were so good. Good luck with the crop. I hope to get a few veggies planted in my new yard. It will get a good dose of sun unlike the old one.

Marion, I am going to have to do some research around Montgomery next week to see if Kool Aid pickles have made it this far west.

Kaliblue, the picture in the New York Times was a big ole red pickle--I bet your mom's are similar.

Miss Trashahassee said...

Kool-Aid pickles? Hmmmmm. Sounds like somebodder been soakin' some pickles in somethin' they call Kool-Aid.

Funny you should mention fried dill pickles. I ain't never heard of that until tonight. My older brother was fryin' up some grouper he'd caught down in the Gulf last week, and he battered up some dill chips in the hush-puppy dough and fried 'em. I tried one, but I ain't so sure I liked it.

Hope everything's going OK with your move an' all!

Miss T

Sheila said...

Oh Miss T, what I wouldn't give for some fresh fried grouper.

On the subject of the fried dills--they fry up here at the state fair but I've never wanted that much fat for a pickle.

The husband is handling the move-in today. I expect the tiny house will be stuffed to the gills. We will drive up next week after our son's high school graduation and then the fun will begin.

Thanks for asking.

Naomi said...

It's funny to read how people enjoy different kinds of foods in different parts of the world. We usually pickle things in Malt Vinegar here, usually onions, gherkins, pieces of cauliflower. Pickled beetroot is popular here too. I quite like that with hotpot in the Winter! Good luck with your move Sheila. Hope everthing is going ok for you.

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CabinWriter-- said...

I can always find something about Mississippi by reading another Southerner's blog...Kool Aid pickles? I don't remember anyone around here sayng such, so the Deltans must be of a new breed. However, I am definitely going to try them.

I'm new to your blog and I enjoy a glimpse into another Southerner's life.

Sheila said...

I appreciate you stopping by, cabinwriter. I hope you'll return as I am in transition from being an Alabamian to becoming a Missourian, but my heart will always be in Alabama.