Monday, May 07, 2007

Lost on Hwy 13

It surely didn't look like the way I came, yet I don't even remember where I got off the right path. Being lost really isn't so bad. I ususally embrace those times when I'm speeding down the highway not knowing exactly when I'll see a guidepost or sign to indicate that I am, indeed, on the way to where I want to be.

Today was not one of those days. I had a rental car to return, a plane to catch and I was tired beyond tired. As I continued on Hwy 13, I increasingly became concerned that I was lost. Stopping for directions was dicey since there were no service stations, towns and no one with the exception of a man in a beat up old pickup selling whirlygigs by the side of the road. His impromptu "yard sale" didn't seem to be attracting business and I was too leery to ask for his help. Instead, I called Natalie who bailed me out with directions. A turn onto another highway was necessary before I was again headed in the direction of the big city.

How easy is it to get on the wrong path and yet the relief is so sweet when we find ourselves back headed in the right direction.


Marion said...

Oh, Sheila...what a journey you're on! I know that sweet relief very well, when finally, finally all is going well in that forest I find myself in.

And I know the feeling of accomplishment, the end of it all.

Thank you for sharing this post...really well done!

Jackie said...

Glad everything turned out well.

I used to love the open road and travelled thousands of miles but nowadays with hijackings etc in this part of the world and having an ancient car I have to be happy with sticking to the safer suburban areas. Rather sad as the African countryside is so beautiful and I only feel free when I am away from the city and in the "bush".

Sheila said...

Thanks Marion and Jackie.

Jackie, I would love to visit Africa but she seems so far away. It's sad to have to forgo the visits to the countryside for safety's sake.

Aron said...

I loved that last sentence, so metaphorical.

Sheila said...

I have felt a bit lost and still do. I am, however, on the journey and while the end is in sight, I have a ways to go.

Naomi said...

Glad you managed to find your way. You're on a more important journey now, heading into a new period in your life Sheila. It will be interesting and exciting for you. Good luck in your new home!