Friday, May 25, 2007

A New Beginning

Boy I've missed blogging and reading my favorite blogs.

We arrived in our new home yesterday evening after two days of travel involving a stop in Tuscaloosa at the Waysider Restaurant for a breakfast of some of the South's best biscuits and a stop at Hendrix College outside of Little Rock to lay parental eyes on son Scott's future college home.

With more weeds and undesirable plants such as poke salet, poison ivy and dandelions than real grass, the yard at the new place is going to give me plenty to do. The ice storm last winter wiped out enough trees and limbs to provide sunshine for a little garden and I think there's still time to get in the tomatoes if my family will allow me to go to the nursery. I'm chomping at the bit.

Much more later and photos once the computer at home is set up.


Jackie said...

Enjoy your new home and hope you manage to get those tomatoes planted as there is nothing nicer than home grown ones in salad.

Marion said...

Home sweet home, Sheila...I know that feeling of chomping at the bit, lol!

I can't wait to see the photos. There is still time to put tomatoes in, of course, and I hope you have a wonderful garden!

I planted beans yesterday and cucumbers, and there's a wild wind storm outside today! I guess we'll see how well the vegetables will do.

Don said...

While I regret your leaving Montgomery I'm glad your journey is safely over and you can begin to settle in.

My old PC died around 2 weeks ago and I'm slowly getting organized with a new one. I just this morning realized that I hadn't read your blog in some time and googled it up, but I see I didn't miss much in the interim.

Sure, plant your garden. Planting season starts later there than here anyway. My corn is starting to "silk" if you know what that means, and some of my "maters" are nearly the size of tennis balls. Snap beans are blooming.

Take care and avoid the poison ivy.

Sheila said...

Thanks all. The settling in will of course take time. I did get my new driver's license first thing and that was only a little bit of a bureaucratic runaround. Seems I noticed that my Alabama license was expiring with too little time to renew in Alabama. Missouri kindly let me get a license but I had to go to the Social Security office for a letter with my number on it since I didn't have my card.

Don, sorry to hear the old computer died, but at least you have a new one now. I noticed on the way here that lots of corn was silking. There's been lots more rain here than in Alabama and everything is green and vibrant. I've already found the local three-day-a-week farmers' market and we got fresh spinach and lettuces over the weekend.

Lots to explore and I'll eventually get around to writing.

Miss Trashahassee said...


You're another day closer to getting all settled in, ain'tcha!

Looking forward to photos!

Miss T

Dana said...

Sorry to hear you left Alabama, but Missouri is a beautiful state.

Ahhh, the that's a place I haven't been in a long time.

Sheila said...

Miss T, it seems I'm never gonna get around to those photos. I can't find the transfer thingamajiggy.

Yes, Missouri is beautiful, Dana. That trip by the Waysider was way worth it. The restaurant is showing her age, but then I remember she was back when Bill and I were students at the University of Alabama.