Thursday, May 17, 2007

Stopping to Notice the Small Things

I have no idea why the Canada geese decided to take a walk through the congested parking lot and across busy streets. I suspect they'd come from a nearby lake on the other side of a fast food joint. Maybe they thought the grass was greener farther west. I gave up trying to count the adults, but there must have been at least ten. And then there were the babies of three different ages judging from their height and development. The grownup birds can fly, but today they'd chosen to walk, and I surmise it was because the babies weren't flying yet. I caught myself asking if they were the Brittany Spears and Michael Jackson of parents taking the little ones into this dangerous environment instead of sheltering them from the harms of the world.

When I went into the Panera Bread store puzzled onlookers all had pleasant smiles and one woman said to me, "Now there's something you don't see everyday." As I exited the store, I noticed the group was happily grazing on high grass near one of the busiest highways in Montgomery as drivers buzzed by unaware of the trek the birds had just undertaken.


Marion said...

What an amazing sight that must have been! This story hit my heart and made me wonderful.

There is a reason Canada Geese walk; I heard it just the other day, but I can't remember, lol! Late last fall, a whole bunch of them, more than 50, came walking down our street. That's when I looked up the reason...which I've now forgotten! Wow...menopause or what!

Hope you're keeping well, Sheila...this post just plain made me feel good!

Sheila said...

I'll have to do some research too. Thanks for stopping by. I'm excited that soon we'll be on our way. Scotty graduates this Tuesday evening. Those precious few days in Alabama have dwindled down. Still thinking what to call the blog after we move.

Marion said...

oof! that is sad, having to change the name...the name Alabama Kitchen Sink attracted me from the first.

Congratulations to Scotty...he'll soon be off on another huge life change!

As it appears you will, as well. It will feel as if you have everything but the 'kitchen sink' when you downsize, lol!

Take good care, Sheila, I'm thinking of you!

Naomi said...

Great post Sheila. Seeing the Canada Geese is probably a sign of something. Maybe they came to bid you goodbye before you set off on the journey to your new life. Good luck in your new home and Good luck to Scotty too. We will miss Alabama Kitchen Sink but I'm sure you'll think of a good name to replace it.

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Anonymous said...

Here in San Diego we have the sub-species "Indignant, Californiaized Canadian Goose." It never flies south for the winter, it doesn’t fly north for the summer, it just hangs out at the lake and honks at you till you give it some bread. And when you run out of bread, it'll chase you back to your car.

Sheila said...

What a hoot! When I was a kid living in Alabama, I never even saw a Canada Goose. Now, they are much like the California variety--often bossy and annoying.