Monday, November 19, 2007

Damn the torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!

I have a new venue for blogging if anyone cares to check it out. Our local Gannett-owned newspaper, The Springfield News-Leader recently started Ozarks Right and Ozarks Left blogs. Guess which I am?

I have already found out the perils of expressing an opinion. Likewise, I will now be a lot more careful in drawing lines in the sand. I’d forgotten that one might have to cross them. Missouri’s Democratic blog, Fired Up, got all fired up over something I wrote about me not going to vote for Hillary Clinton and wrote something like I wasn’t much of a Democrat. That didn’t bother me, but at first I got a little mad when they made fun of my “funny hat.” Then, I thought, there are worst things to say about a person.

The other peril of this venture is that the News-Leader also prints on the opinion page some of our posts. So far they have printed three of mine, and I’m afraid I’m going to gain a Grandpa Simpson’s reputation.

But my motto is best expressed by the words of Admiral David Farragut, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” which I love so much I created a t-shirt at CafePress with the quote.


Lorelei said...

You're famous! :) Good for you for speaking your mind.

Sarge Charlie said...

Southern Gal goes big time, I love the hat.

Sarge Charlie said...

I should have said I hope you are on the right side, oops, I should have said the correct side.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you're a lefty??? sigh... well add one more that i like. soon there will be three or four! ha ha (just kidding!)

smiles, bee

Marion said...

Congratulations, Sheila!I love your photo...and well, I really like Grandpa Simpson as well, lol!

Someone's gotta express a sensible opinion!

Joe said...

Nothing wrong with the hat, or Grandpa Simpson.

Don said...

Sheila, I read some of your posts in the Springfield paper. I knew you had an interest in politic's/government from prior experience but I didn't realize until now how deeply interested, well informed, and involved you are. Kudos to you! I can only wish that more Americans were as informed and involved in the political process as you are. It's THEIR government, they own it and pay for it, and more people need to get involved with it.

Happy Thanksgiving from Alabama! :-)

UmmFarouq said...

Happy Thanksgiving from Jordan!
Am going to make your sweet potato recipe for some ladies coming tomorrow.

I am a Democrat as well, and I wouldn't vote for Hillary.

Now I'm going to check out your "other blog."

Palm Springs Savant said...

happy thanksgiving Sheila

Kilroy_60 said...

This is great news!

There's nothing more important than citizen activism. "Real" citizens, not those that dwell at either of the far ends of the spectrum.

I'd say never abandon your ideals, but I have every confidence that thought doesn't need to be expressed.


I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And that next year at this time there will be even more to be thankful for.

Sheila said...

Thanks everyone. I hope the day was a good one.

I do anticipate next year having even more to be thankful for.

I hope the meal with your friends was good and that the ladies liked the sweet potatoes. Jordan is so far away from Alabama both in actual distance and in culture as well.

Thanks. I hope you will continue to speak your mind and keep plugging away. We can't give in to apathy.

And finally, thanks to those kind souls who said my hat wasn't funny. You are the reason I like to blogging.

Kilroy_60 said...

I was hoping for a fresh post to comment on. 8-)

This is perfect, though, given that we're having a carnival to give thanks to Blog Village members. Hope to see you there!

Sheila said...

I'm a little behind on blogging with the holiday but I'll buzz by with a post for the carnival.

KJ said...

I am amused. I like this quote, too. It really can be a mission statement for life!

(yes, a Republican)

Sheila said...

We just have to trudge ahead and not worry too much about some decisions and opinions. I'm not saying to go off without any thought, but sometimes we tend to think things to death.

You are one of those "nice" Republicans as are nearly all of the ones daring to post on the Sink.