Sunday, November 04, 2007

Thanks Lowe’s

Since I will shortly be chronicling our sad and frustrating battle with American Home Shield over our home warranty contract, I wanted to heave some positive feedback in the direction of a corporation that did a fine job for us.

We purchased our new toilet and sink from Lowe’s here in Springfield, Missouri, and opted to use their installation services. We bought the fixtures on Saturday and the install department followed up with several calls along the way. The installer called on Monday to set up an appointment for Thursday. He arrived ON TIME! Although we experienced a minor problem because the faucet we were sold didn’t fit our sink’s holes and a trip to Lowe’s was necessary to switch it, Lowe’s charged us the original price instead of passing on the cost of the more expensive version. The installer went on to put in a dishwasher while we exchanged the faucets. He returned in about two hours to finish the job.

Kudos to the folks at Lowe’s and our installer Caleb. We are very happy customers and we will gladly turn to you again.


Jay Croft said...

We already have a Lowe's, but could you please send Caleb out here?

Lorelei said...

I think you are the first (and only?) Lowe's customer I've ever met.

Lorelei said...

"happy" was supposed to be in there before "Lowe's". :D

Sheila said...

I truly think "customer service" is a foreign concept in Montgomery. Springfield is wonderful in that regard.

I guess folks are heavier with the complaints than the praise. We moved from such an awful area for getting good service that I just wanted to let the world know about it when we are happy.

Now, you will shortly see how loudly and long I can talk about another big company, American Home Shield, a division of ServiceMaster, or should I call them ServiceAvoider. I'm fixin' to be real noisy.

Lorelei said...

This is a week of toilet talk! One of my other blogging reads posted this:

Sheila said...

That has got to be the world's prettiest toilets, Lorelei. Thanks for the link.

Jay Croft said...

American Home Shield--ouch.

In August, with at least 12 days of 100 degree plus weather, our AC conked out. It took two weeks and repeated visits to get it fixed. We had to spend three nights in a Prattville motel.

And then cooler weather arrived, I turned on the heat--and nothing happened. This time it only took three visits to fix the problem.

1. To find out what was wrong.

2. To install a new blower.

3. To install a new blower of the correct size.

However, although my wife didn't want me to renew the contract, I did anyway. By now we've received far more service than we've paid in contract fees.

Sheila said...

Without divulging too many details (more to come on that unless this gets resolved and I'm not holding my breath), we are without heat and have been so since Oct. 25. There have been two visits by the American Home Shield repairman and one by the one we hired when they said they weren't going to cover repairs because it was a maintenance (non-covered issue). The company we called diagnosed an entirely different reason for us not having heat and we sent AHS his report. Still waiting to hear what they say now.

Okay, I lied. I could not help myself and I am really hot under the collar. I hope you continue to find a way to get service from this outfit. If you check on the Internet, there are many disgruntled customers.


Jay Croft said...

When I call AHS, I immediately give them the outside temp, the inside temp and then the fact that the machinery isn't working.

The real problem was that the AC people were swamped with work during the heat wave. And now that it's getting cooler and the furnace needs to be on at night, the problem is reversed.

There is an "emergency" level of service that will get you someone, quicker (in theory at least.)

Marion said...

I hope things have worked out by now, Sheila. If not, I'm looking forward to that post!

It's SO great to find reliable service, on time kind of service, these days. What a nice post for Caleb!

Anonymous said...

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