Monday, November 19, 2007

Recipe for Sweet Potatoes

Note: I usually have to bake this a little longer than the recipe indicates. Also, watch the potatoes while you are boiling them as it is easy to overcook them.


Marion said... the streusel topping idea. This would be one of those dishes where I could only have a very small serving...and where I would inevitably want more!

floridagirl said...

Thanks for the recipe! We have a BBQ joint here that makes something very similar and I've wanted to make it myself- they call it Sweet Potato Souffle- I will make this for Thursday!!!

Sheila said...

Oh Marion, I can see why you would only want a little of this. It does have way more sugar than is good for us.

Hope it turns out good floridagirl. My family is pretty insistent that this dish be made each holiday meal I make.

Anonymous said...

Sheila: have you made the acquaintance of Brad Pitt's family out there in Springfield yet?
Did you see him in Jesse James, a great movie.
in alabama now.

Naomi said...

Thanks for posting the recipe Sheila, although I must admit I'm more savoury than for eating sweet things, it does sound delicious!

Sheila said...

I would love to spot Brad Pitt but I don't know how often he actually gets back to Springfield. Haven't seen the movie yet.

We had a whole big casserole dish full yesterday. I think I made too much.

KJ said...

YUM! This looks scrumptious and I love the formatting of the recipe! It's a keeper! I will have to try this.

I used this Norman Rockwell painting on my blog, too. I love his paintings. They really capture and era that is quickly fading away. I pointed out that Norman Rockwell painted himself 2 times in the lower corners of the painting. Many didn't know this. He actually did this in many of his paintings.

Blessings, KJ

Sheila said...

I used it last year too. I love Norman Rockwell paintings. I didn't know that about him painting himself in the works--kind of like Hitchcock appearing in his movies.