Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hillary on Top

We drove down to Conway, Arkansas, to return son to Hendrix College for the second semester. Classes start today. He switched a couple of classes to get different professors, got out of the semester-long temporary dorm room, bought over $400 worth of books and is happy to be back fresh from a month of sleeping.

I’ve written about this three to four-hour drive through the beautiful Ozarks before, and I absolutely love the wide expanses of trees, mountains and farmland. It is what renews my spirit. And husband and I even talked about returning in a few weeks when the weather warms for a canoe trip on the Buffalo River. I’ll have to get over my fear though. The last time I went canoeing in Missouri was over 20 years ago when we hit a submerged log and capsized. I still remember the murky light above my head as I headed toward it.

Sorry for the digression, but as many bloggers do, I carried the camera along and stopped just outside of Conway for this topical photo. See, my mind is so politically focused that I can’t forget about the 2008 presidential race even if I want. This particular business has concrete statues ranging from Greek gods to chickens. Need a lawn jockey or gnome? They have them. But the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama jackasses immediately captured my attention and I thought the resulting photo was blog-worthy. Only later did I notice the fallen “Proud to be an American” sign.

© 2008 by Sheila Noblitt


Marshamlow said...

Your picture is priceless. Glad to hear you had a good trip. And that your son is doing so well.

Sarge Charlie said...

The picture scares the hell out of me, either one of them. I have never been in the Ozarks, maybe when we go to Branson.

Marion said...

Great photo, Sheila, I love it. Glad you're one of those bloggers who take their cameras along, lol!

One of these days I'll get over the whole thing.

I love kayaking and plan on working time in for it this summer. I feel safer in a kayak; there have been many capsized canoes over the years for me.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

too funny! and their colors too! oh my...

smiles, bee

Lorelei said...

Great post. I always try to bring my camera with me wherever I go, but I find I have to do it in moderation because it irritates the crap outta hubby.

Sheila said...

You and Miss B need to get over here to this part of the country. It's really nice. Of course, I guess your part of Georgia is probably pretty darned wooded too. Don't be afraid of Obama--now the other one is scary.

Kaykaking looks fun too. I didn't realize you were less likely to capsize.

Miss B,
I thought that was funny too. I didn't see any GOP elephants though.

I know what you mean about "in moderation." Same thing here. I do have to choose my camera moments and it helps if I'm driving.

Diane J Standiford said...

Money shot for sure!

Jackie said...

Canoeing very popular here. We actually have what is graded as the toughest canoe marathon in the World on at the moment, the Dusi Marathon.

I hear the Ozarks are beautiful so it must have been a wonderful drive.

Sheila said...

I know so little about South Africa. African history and culture is a big gap in my education. I'd love to visit though and see for myself. The Ozarks are beautiful.