Monday, January 28, 2008

The Subject is Hair

Dear gentle readers of the male persuasion may skip this post unless you’d care to get a little insight about women. You see I’m growing my hair out. I can’t think most men spend as much time with their hair as we women do. With you guys, it’s pretty much wash-and-go. Dana Carvey’s Church Lady on Saturday Night Live was so fond of saying, “How convenient!”

Anyway, it seems we are always on our way to a new style or thinking about it. During those days when I didn’t have to worry about MY hair, I once had a lady in the supermarket ask, “Where’d you get your hair fixed?” I didn’t hem and haw in replying, “Oh, it’s a wig.” “Well, it sure is cute,” she replied.

Yes, that was one advantage during those days. However, I have been growing out my short cut since before Christmas and now it’s at that stage where I need some kind of trim. My dilemma is whether to have the stylist cut some bangs or just keep heading toward a sweep to the side in front. Right now when I brush it back it kind of looks like Hillary Clinton’s current do, and y’all know what I think about her.

Any guys still with me at this point weigh in. Do you actually notice or care how the women in your life fix their hair? Well, I’m sure I will work out this little issue. But you women know what I’m talking about.


Marshamlow said...

I recently grew out my bangs for the first time in my life. I have had this new do for about six months, with no bangs. The other day I was thinking of getting the bangs back at my next hair cut. I asked my husband his opinion. He informed me that he couldn't tell the difference and that he was not aware that I had changed my hair at all. I went threw the photos of the last few years to show him how different my hair is today from when I had bangs. Turns out that even when I have bangs they end up swept off my forehead in such a way that my hair looks pretty much the same either way. I guess I cannot get mad at him for not noticing my new do.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

now that IS a dilemma! what to do??? what to do???

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Well it is no problem for me, my hair stopped growing after i finished my 18 months of hormone treatments, it did grow. Oh, I had hot flashes also. Other than that my hair has not been a problem since duck tails.

Lorelei said...

My husband will be quick to point out that men like long hair!!!

Jackie said...

When I retired I decided to stop coloring, perming and having regular cut and blows as a waste of money being much on my own.

I was amazed how dark my hair had got from very light mouse brown in my 20's to very dark brown now with a few gray hairs. Very straight and in a shoulder length bob which is just long enough to put up in a tiny bun when at home.

So easy, so cheap to maintain. Wondered why I didn't do that years ago. Good luck with deciding what to do with yours.

Sheila said...

That's funny your husband never noticed.

Sarge, did you have a duck tail?

I think most men are like your husband. Long hair takes so much more work to maintain through and once a woman reaches a certain age, most of us cut ours. I wonder what this says. Do we have "our" man and long hair matters less?

Thanks. I went in yesterday for a little trim and got some bangs again. I'm still growing it out but the stylist said it takes a couple of interim cuts before I get there.

I'm like you and prefer the low maintenance hair business. I once had my hair colored and it was awfully dark and took forever to grow out. I vowed then to live with gray. Plus, it cost an arm and a leg. If I pay over $15 for a cut I think it's too much.

Marion said...

I left a comment yesterday; I guess Blogger ate it.

When I grew my hair out, I chose to leave the bangs long. It depends where you're at with the growing out...if you're used to having bangs,then great, you'll be used to having them with longer hair as well.

My bangs got in the way. So I grew them and am really glad I did. Now if I could just do something about all the wispy parts, lol!

Like Jackie, I got really tired of mortgaging the house for my hair...went grey, grew it long...and haven't seen a hairdresser in a couple of years.

I don't always notice right away that Graham has had a haircut. Mind you, I hardly ever notice what others do to their's more their energy differences I notice, lol!

Sheila said...

Sorry about Blogger. It does that to me sometimes too.

My husband has to tell me he got a cut before I notice. I think the amount of money spent on dye is ridiculous. Maybe we can start a "grey" club. Mine is getting there but from your picture, I think your grey is great. There's the name of the club--GREY IS GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I quit coloring about a year ago- it's very liberating! I still have some brown but the top is almost all grey--I am the age that I am so why try to hide it?? The expense and time spent in the salon just got to be too much for me.
You'll look fine no matter what.:)

Sheila said...

You are officially a member of our Grey is Great Club. It is immensely freeing not to worry over hair color. I'll tell you what; there are a lot worse things to think about.

PD Warrior said...

There isn't much in this world that I'm afraid of. I have willingly jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, I have had a patient of mine hold me against a wall at knife point and remained relatively calm. There isn't a roller-coaster built that I won't ride. But the minute my wife asks me if I "like her new hair cut?" I start to sweat and look around for the nearest exit.

There is absolutely no correct answer to that question.

If I say "yes", she will inevitably tell me she didn't get it cut and wanted to see if I was paying attention. If I say "I didn't realize it had been cut," She will either inform me that it had been done days earlier and the tirade will begin.

Sheila said...

This is funny. I wonder if the best answer might be, "Your hair looks good today." I guess when we ask we are just looking for reassurance and not a critique.

Flirts said...

LOL I loved all your comments. I'm 52 with long, blonde/brown thick, healthy highlighted hair with wispy bangs, along with root maintenance every 2 weeks. My hair is a strong part of my identity in how I and others see me. A good hairdo can change your whole perspective and how the world sees you. My long flowing, thick, shiny hair makes me feel young and live. I was blessed with my mothers long thick hair and get constant comments on how lucky I am to have the hair I do. It may seem like a shallow issue, but ask any woman or man whose gone through chemo the importance of hair and hair styles. Very important indeed.

p.s. I think bangs can make you look years younger.

jillbeth said...

I grow my hair long and have been wearing bangs for years. I'd like to grow them out, then they get to that difficult point and I cut them off again! I'm going to try to tough it out this time.

Sheila said...

You are right about the chemo thing. Losing the hair on my head wasn't half as bad as losing the hair on my eyelashes and eyebrows. Thanks for your comment.

I go back and forth on the bangs thing too. Oh well. Thanks for visiting.

Miss Trashahassee said...

My hair keeps on growing out and I keep getting it cut, but everytime somebody punches out one of my teeth it don't never grow back no more and I can't figure out why, the barber don't know why niether

Miss T