Thursday, January 10, 2008

Whiny About Wine

Prosecco, that wonderful Italian sparkling wine, does not need the likes of wild-child Paris Hilton hawking it. I completely understand why Fulvio Brunetta, president of the wine growers association of Treviso, was so adamant when he said, “Hilton hotels are a sign of quality; Paris Hilton is not.” Hilton is featured in advertising for Rich Prosecco, which is soon to be distributed in the U. S. Canned wine sold by an Austrian company and promoted by the gal who had such a terrible time after her D.U.I. Interesting choice.

On the other hand, if you want some real prosecco, Prosecco by Martellozzo is a good deal for $6.99 at Trader Joe’s and is one of our favorite year-round wines. It’s particularly nice in the summer, and with the addition of peach nectar or peach puree, you can make those wonderful Bellinis. The Bellini originated at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy, and uses white peach puree and prosecco. Of course, you’ll find Americanized versions at restaurants like the Olive Garden, but it’s a lot easier as well as cheaper to make your own.


Sarge Charlie said...

I am not buying much that Paris is selling, (such a loser) oh well, that is just me.

I am in depression after NH, she had to cry to win.....

I still do not have a pick but I am sure it will not be the same as you.

I saw a survey yesterday rating Fox best for balanced political reporting. Maybe you need to leave MSNBC.

Marsha said...

We used to drink it all the time when we lived in Italy. I cannot imagine it in a can, is that what the picture is showing. My understanding is that my favorite after dinner drink, I think it was called a scarpini? It was lemon gelato, lemon vodka, and prosecco. It was the consistancy of a smoothy.

Marsha said...


Sheila said...

I'll be curious to see who captures your vote. You republicans have quite an interesting bunch running (see, I'm being nice). Don't think I'll be tuning into to Fox any time soon. I do like to shop around and the best bet is to have several sources. I do love to hear the callers on C-SPAN for a dose of reality.

Sgroppino is a drink I haven't tried but it sounds really good. I'll have to ask my husband and son if they have tried it. They probably haven't since they are fond of grappa and limoncello. Grappa is too strong for me.

TorAa said...

This wine is completely unknown were I do live, even though the Hilton's did emigrate from Norway.

What a far fetch comment - I'm only a primitive Viking trying to keep up ---

Jay Croft said...

Cans are designed to be a single serving. If that's a 12-ounce can in the picture, then one certainly shouldn't drive after chugging down a can.

Sheila said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I haven't seen the wine here yet either. I didn't know the Hilton family was from Norway.

Wine in a can does seem to make it easier to carry along--even in a car.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I think she is such a bimbo, she actually turns me off when she hawks stuff.

Natalie said...

The Coppolas have managed to make a good sparkling wine in a pink can (called Sophia). I went to an industry party where they were served and looked very chic being consumed from a straw -- as well as being tasty. But, I am skeptical about anything Paris endorses. After all, money can't buy taste. And, Sophia Coppola at least as a celebrity has a more sophisticated reputation. As a side note, her dad Francis Ford Coppola created the beverage for her wedding, which has now ended in divorce, so I don't know what that says about the product.

Sheila said...

I had seen the canned Sophia and wondered how it was. I have tried a bottle of sparkling Sophia when I found it for $9.99 at Cost Plus World Market, but I saw it the other day for considerably more at a wine shop. I don't think it's worth what they were asking but white Coppola is another everyday favorite. I don't know why Paris Hilton would be chosen to endorse/model for any product given the number of people who dislike her. Perhaps, the attention generated by the negatives is good enough attention for Rich prosecco.

Naomi said...

I love Prosecco Sheila but I've never seen it sold in a can before. I think it takes the class away from it! Don't think Paris Hilton is the right person to advertise it either. Bellinis are wonderful - very Italian!

Jeff said...

I think the choice of Paris Hilton is actually not that bad, even with her less than positive history of drunken driving. We're not the target of this product, but younger drinkers who are less sophisticated and more likely to be swayed by a P.Hilton endorsement. They're not going for those who know what a Bellini is (or who he was). The Hiltons are known for being rich, so she fits as a spokes-bimbo.

By the way, my favorite affordable prosecco is Zardetto.


Sheila said...

I know you've traveled to Italy and the Bellinis there are so wonderful aren't they?

Spokes-bimbo is priceless. I see your point as far as targeting a younger audience. I would counter that the Prosecco brand is muddied by Rich's efforts though, and I can see why the traditional marketers are upset. Just as McDonald's upgraded their coffee to a more "gourmet" style to compete with Starbucks, this is a new way to sell Prosecco. Maybe I am being elitist.

Marketing is such an interesting field of study. I didn't see any discussion of cost with this new product. I wonder if that's a factor. Also, I think it's interesting that McDonald's is planning to go head to head with Starbucks. This I don't mind. I do not think a coffee drink should cost $4. If McDonald's can sell a quality drink, it will give Starbucks a run for the money. And finally, I noticed my local grocery store is going to have a Starbucks. That seems strange to me but what do I know.

Diane J Standiford said...

I'm a wine novice,but at 50, I want to start drinking! Heard on TV about a pomegranate wine...RIMON.
Any words about it? I like white wine...(had to think back),don't like sweet tastes or red wines much. (last red wine I had I was 8;
Aunt 100yrs old Violet, French side of family, the family drinker)
Any and all suggestions appreciated. Thanks

The T-Dude said...

Paris Hilton is one of what I like to refer to as the Ubertarts. He face on just about anything is a statement not about taste, but of unbridled sex and vanity. Frankly, I think jail as the best thing that ever happened to her and hopefully, we won't be seeing much of her in the near future.

david santos said...

Nice posting, Sheila, Thank you.

have a good weekend

Sheila said...

The Coppola Bianca is light inexpensive white wine which is a mixture of several grapes. I have brought it for as little as $7.99 but I think it usually runs around $10. My husband likes it. Trader Joe's if you have their stores has several whites that we like.

There are so many wine sites on the Internet that you can explore. My son and daughter-in-law's blog Vino e Vittales (link on left) has some recommendations in the archives. They know more about wine and I'm sure would be happy to recommend something good.

In general, we tend to pick Italian wines. Many wine shops have tastings and that's always a nice way to explore if you can get to them. Is accessibility is a concern for you?

I love the Ubertart name for Hilton. Clever.

Glad you could stop by.

Diane J Standiford said...

Thanks, Shelia, yes--access, but a pretty big wine section in "largest grocery on the west coast," in my apt./mixed retail bldg., I will try your suggsetion, sounds perfect.