Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thank you John Edwards

John Edwards was my guy until recently when that upstart Barack Obama stole my heart. Edwards was constant in his words to what he set out saying when he threw his hat into the presidential ring. However, his message never gathered steam, and today he’s chosen to withdraw from the presidential race with class and grace, and for that, I thank him. His voice is one we needed.

Who will his supporters choose now? For me, it was always a clear-cut choice: either Edwards or Obama. Never did I consider Hillary Clinton. It was the electability issue. It was the arrogance, sense of entitlement and those “35 years of experience” in the ways of old-school politics and tactics. I never longed for a “co-presidency” and did not care to go “Back to the Future.”

So now Hillary’s put the choke collar on Bill and given it a big yank. Former President Clinton has chilled out his rhetoric but only after the Clinton campaign lost Sen. Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama--an endorsement that logically should have been hers.

Whether this endorsement will help Obama win over the hearts and votes of Hispanic voters and other core Democratic factions remains to be seen. However, the symbolism is striking. I hope he picks up some Edwards’ supporters too and that this combination will be enough to propel him ahead of Clinton, who continues to lead in some big states.

I do have great hope. Maybe you’ve seen the new Obama ads with Caroline Kennedy speaking over the images of her late father. Do you remember how energized and proud Americans were back then? The positive tone of this ad speaks to the reason Obama has touched so many tired Democrats who have for so long dutifully gone to the polls and voted with the party though disappointed and disillusioned.

Now, with Obama’s campaign we have a glimmer of hope that the old divisive and destructive ways of politics might change.


Marshamlow said...

My primary isn't until the end of March. I am thinking I am not going to get the chance to have my say. Well said, you are really pumped up. I just read Giuliani dropped out too. And the field narrows...

Diane J Standiford said...

Yes, I recall the JFK years and words in my heart. RE: Edwards, maybe fate decided his wife needed him more than we did. I know he will still make an impact in some way. He is a good man.

Sarge Charlie said...

Oh wow, how can I comment about this, let me see, Hillary scares the hell out of me and Obama has no track record, the only thing I have seen from him is that he is willing to abandon our effort in the war on terror and wants to give everyone anything they want at my expense. my only hope looks like McCain and as a military man I should be supporting him but he is not my choice.

Electile Dysfunction: the inability to become aroused over any of the choices for president put forth by either party in the 2008 election year.

Sheila said...

Last presidential primary election season I was where you are now in that my state (Alabama) voted so late that I felt my vote was an afterthought. I wish it wasn't this way. Maybe it will still be close and Mississippi will matter.

I wondered too about Elizabeth's health. I wish them both well.

I could get all contrary and start arguing with you but I'm not going to change you and vice versa.

I think a person (not you) who was curious as to whether Obama was a candidate he or she could support should go to his Web site where there is more detail about his ideas. Clinton is the past--he is the future and I think not having all of that political baggage is a big plus. I do think he could motivate and inspire us when we as a country direly need it right now.

I think I understand your dilemma if you are the kind of Republican I think you are. Let me take a stab. As a military man, you probably think McCain would do fine in that area. It's just some of his other positions that make him a bit unpredictable--that maybe he is too moderate for you.

It may come down to you having to pick the lesser of two evils or sit this one out as I will do if Hillary wins the Democratic nomination. What McCain's loudmouth detractors (not you of course) don't want to acknowledge is that if he is the Republican nominee come November, he will possibly attract some independents and even some anti-Clinton Democrats but not me. This might be enough for the Republicans to pull out a win.

I watched the debate last night between the Republicans and thought though that McCain must keep his snarky side under wraps if he is to pull this off.

rainlillie said...

My choices were always either Edwards or Obama. Of course if Clinton is the nominee I will support her, just like I supported John Kerry.

Palm Springs Savant said...

It's going to be SUCH an interesting election either way. I think we have a fascinating collection of candidates on both sides. I'm actually enjoying watching it all unfold.

Sarge Charlie said...

You have great insight Shelia, am I that much of an open book.

You were right in your comment on my hillary post, I posted it because it was funny but I can see it as offensive, I took it down.

babs said...

It's good to see the young people paying attention, on both sides of the aisle. Finally an election that will mean something to the populace in general and not just business as usual.

Sheila said...

I hope the excitement of our young people is carried over into November. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.