Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dogs and Cats Join the Presidential Race

Politics can be ugly. Politics can be exciting. Or fun. Some disenchanted folks are even running dogs and cats for president. That upstart Daisy the Curly Cat has been drafted and I must admit that Daisy is a formidable opponent. Do you remember Morris the Cat ran for president in 1988 and again in 1992? Daisy, may I remind you that Morris did not win?

However, I brought the Monte for President campaign to light last September and want to remind everyone that this dog can hunt. Dear gentle new readers might wonder about my connections to the candidate and what’s Monte’s story. So, to recap, here goes.

Monte’s mother, a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, found herself displaced and a long way from home when she was relocated to northern Illinois. Like many other Katrina survivors, Monte’s mom depended on the kindness of strangers until she could get back on her four feet. However, she was pregnant and soon gave birth. But, this new mother could not take care of all of her offspring; and thus, my son and daughter-in-law adopted Monte. You see Monte is my granddog.

Although Monte is an English Springer Spaniel, he is true-blue American through and through. Monte is a graduate of puppy obedience school with post-graduate follow-up training with the instructor. He is generally affable and makes friends easily at the dog park. He would be a great president. Everybody’s friend so to speak.

His positions are several and worth noting: spread out on the kitchen floor ready to clean up any problems with dropped food, curled up on the sofa by the window keeping watch on the borders for possible intrusions from illegal squirrels, resting dutifully with one eye open in his crate when his master and mistress are busy with fiscal matters and running joyfully through the worst of winter’s storms.

He has vowed to accept only small donations. PetSmart, Petco, Petland and some rather big vet pharmaceutical companies have been in touch, but Monte has made it clear, he will entertain no lobbyists nor their fancy offers. In the interest of public disclosure, though, it should be noted that Monte does have a couple of vices: the weight of the world’s problems is sometimes so great that he must arise earlier than normal creatures and this of course necessitates his security detail’s attention. Another potential issue that Monte believes he should disclose is that he has a weakness for belly scratches.

As the Democrats and Republicans winnow down their candidates, Monte’s campaign team is now poised to step forward proudly with a candidate whose all four feet are firmly planted on the canine values of love, loyalty and licks. He’d be happy to have your support for the odds are a lot of fur is going to fly.

Click here to get your own Monte campaign gear.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh sorry honey, i already promised to vote for daisy!!! i like her accessories and she likes my tiara so we get along really good!

smiles, bee

Sheila said...

Sorry to lose your vote, Bee. You gals are sticking together just like Hillary's supporters. Ha. Tiara talk is hard for Monte to overcome.

Sarge Charlie said...

Daisy has my vote, we can do this without getting each others dander up.

PD Warrior said...

I find myself compelled to vote for Monte

Marion said...

What an attractive photo of you on Monte's campaign gear site! You're beautiful.

Can I offer my Nate for the security crew? He will undoubtedly be the only one Monte will need!

Nate has taken on the role of protector in my house suddenly; neither he nor I quite know how to deal with it!lol

Sheila said...

Are Daisy's claws coming out or has she been declawed?

Thanks for your support Joe.

Isn't funny how dogs innately know when they should step up to the plate to protect us? Nate's help is gladly accepted--is he a Lab? We need a diverse team and Monte knows he needs more than just the spaniels if he is to win. Thanks for noticing the photo. I hate nearly every one that gets taken. Hope you are well.

Diane J Standiford said...

Sheila, Daisy supporters are just being catty; Monte is doggone best. (I think I just flip-flopped...)

Sheila said...

Thanks Diane. Monte understands about the flip-flopping too.

Kilroy_60 said...

What could be more logical than animals running...when there's a jackass in office now?

By the way, you've been tagged!

Sarge Charlie said...

hi sheila, have a nice weekend

Miss Trashahassee said...


Morris gets my vote. (My dad's name was Morris and us kids used to always run to the TV whenever a 9-Lives commercial would come on and then we'd tease Dad about it.)

What a great post! I need to e-mail you ... got lotsa political junk to bend your ear on and I know how you love pollyticks; we could have wonderful e-mail discussions. (Haven't been able to do too terribly much blogging lately and stuff this year will be intermittent as it is ....)

Miss T

Sheila said...

You kill me!

Hope your weekend is good too.

Miss T,
I've missed your blogging. Email me and we'll discuss the state of the world. Funny about your dad's name. Morris was always one of my favorites spokesanimals. He is worthy of a vote.

rainlillie said...

I love dogs! Cats not so much. So Monte has my vote. Good luck Monte!

Jackie said...

Listening to the various US candidates on TV lately I am sure Monte will gain many votes as his intelligence level is way above many of theirs. Meow.....

Sheila said...

Thanks Rainlillie. Every votes counts!

It amazes me that you know so much more than we do about us and our politics. Shame on us for our dismal knowledge of world affairs.

Jackie said...

LOL the result of many years on the Net.

Plus on a serious side everything that the US does affects the World so in some ways it is just as important to us that you get someone who cares about peace, global warming and other major issues as it is to you.

Naomi said...

Monte gets my vote every time Sheila. He's such a cute and loveable dog!