Monday, February 11, 2008

The Price is Right for Drury University

Springfield, MO. Today, former “Price is Right” host and Drury alumnus Bob Barker will present Drury University with $1 million to establish the Bob Barker Endowment Fund for the Study of Animal Rights. “I have established endowment funds at seven of the finest law schools in the U.S. for the study of Animal Rights Law. And now, with this endowment fund at Drury University, I hope to create a model program that other undergraduate schools will enthusiastically emulate,” says Barker.

The initial course at Drury titled “Animal Ethics” will educate students about issues that directly affect the lives of animals. As a multidisciplinary class, the course will be team-taught with professors with expertise from the fields of biology, law, sustainability, psychology, criminology, philosophy, religion and anthropology.


Tracy said...

I'm a little jealous that I've already graduated. (Ok, not jealous enough to want to do college again.) But that field of study would be so interesting. (I do my own "studying" about AR on the Internet.)

Marion said...

This is such good news! How I would love to take this course. One day, there will be courses like this that can be taken over the Internet. I would be first in line, lol!

Diane J Standiford said...


Sheila said...

Thanks for your comment. That's the thing though about education, you don't have to ever to finished. We do a lot of self-education on the Internet for sure but in a class we have that interaction.

I don't know if Drury will include an Internet course, but what an excellent thought to deliver this program via the Internet to interested folks like yourself.