Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quilt Design Project

Part 1
I’m the type of person who is happiest with a project percolating in my head. If you saw the movie Waitress, I’d say I’m like the title character always creating new kinds of pies in her mind. I do love pies, but in this case, my head is turned by designs, colors and shapes—not yummy pies.

At any rate, learning to quilt is my current project. Granny Martin was a quilter and my mother picked it up when she retired from over 30 years working for the U.S. Air Force. Let’s just say Mother was happier quilting. However, I want to make a quilt like no other. No standard designs. I will blaze my own quilting path. Dear gentle readers, you will be a part of the mystery. Will my quilt be in the same league as Granny’s and Mom’s or will it be one big poorly-stitched disaster?


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well i don't rightly know but i sure want to find out!

smiles, bee

Rich said...

Hello Sheila,

I'm Richard, born in Montgomery, Dad's people from Verbena and Mom's from Selma.

I have been recently repatriated to the South (kinda) in Hickory, NC. This after 25 yrs in Phoenix.

I saw your blogs title and could not resist. You will be going on my blogroll on one of my two sites.
I write
which has just been listed here at the village and also

which is a political blog.

Stop on by. Or as I heard it so many times in my youth; Yall come!

Sheila said...

Miss Bee,
I hope to see the project finished in some fashion or the other. Ha.

New readers are always welcome but especially one with your pedigree. I hear NC is a lovely place to live. Can't wait to check out your blogs. The Daily Husband--now there's a title!

Marshamlow said...

I have just recently picked up quilting as well. Very fun and a lot harder than it looks.

Sheila said...

I remember that you had made a quilt for Lily. I am thinking of just making the top and getting my aunt's quilting group to finish it. That way I get all the fun of the design and little of the real work.

Marion said...

Well, you're very creative, Sheila, I'll bet it will be very unique and inspirational.

Quilts usually bring up warm images of love, and that's the image your quilt brings to me, in my mind's eye.

Naomi said...

Judging how talented and creative you are Sheila, I'm sure your quilt will turn out brilliantly.

Miss Trashahassee said...


I knew you were special but now I know why ...

You're a quilter!!!!!

Oh I can't wait to see your finished project!!!!

Work has kept me from doing much blogging except for bits on the newspaper sites.

Hugs & Luvs!
Miss T