Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Quilting Away, Part 3

Part 3
I don’t want to reinvent the wheel but I’m going about this quilt project from the ground up. Yes, I know there are software programs but I suspect they are too basic. I have a grand vision and will thus strike out in my own direction. I have read that other designers use the computer and maybe I’ll stumble upon their hints along the way.

Today’s field trip was to two Springfield quilt shops and Hancock’s Fabric store. By the way and entirely off topic, I must ask a perplexing question: why were so many men shopping with their women folk? My husband wouldn’t be caught dead in a shop dedicated to sewing.

The first stop was overwhelming. Not only do I have to figure out how to make the quilt after I design it, but I have to choose the fabric. The fabric choice is astounding. Just like having too many telephone companies to choose from is confusing for me, so is this.

I bought some fabric and brought it home to ponder. Pondering begat another trip, this time to Hobby Lobby for more red or more precisely, crimson.


Jay Croft said...

A month or two ago I was inveigled into visiting a fabric store with my wife.

Absolutely never again.

Diane J Standiford said...

LOL, Jay---many bloggers are quilting...wish I were so crafty.

Sarge Charlie said...

OK, I plead guilty, I have been to fabric shops, and I have quilted, did I lose my manhood?

Sheila said...

What I wouldn't have given to see you and your wife! I imagine you looked like 95% of the men I saw that day.

Now Sarge, I certainly would never question your manhood. I know you cook but you sew? Miss Bee has a real Renaissance Man on her hands.

Any progress on getting a MS group to work on a quilt project? Could be a fundraiser or community builder for sure.

Joe said...

Also guilty - I have been to fabric shops on many occasions. At one point in time my sister even taught me to do a little crocheting, although that was many years ago, and I have since forgotten how. As for losing my manhood...I'm still big enough that most people don't dare say anything. ;)