Monday, January 08, 2007

A Journey Northward

This year will bring some changes for my family and yours too, I'm sure. Change is the third consistency, if that's possible, along with death and taxes. Is that an oxymoron? While it's hard to want to embrace some changes, others I approach as an adventure. I'm about to undertake a rather interesting adventure, and in the coming months you'll learn more about it and travel along with me if you care to. I'd love to have advice too. So, E-mail me and make a comment if you are so inclined.

Okay, should I let the cat out of the bag or try to string you along a bit more? Oh, heck, I strive for honesty. I'm going to have to think up another name because the Alabama Kitchen Sink will be relocating later on this year. Moving is a big adventure. Moving to a part of the country you are unfamiliar with is an even greater adventure. I'm a go-with-the-flow sort of person and I have to tell you, dear gentle readers, that I look forward to learning more about Pennsylvania and Pennsylvanians.

I'll write more later,but today I'll write about my first impressions. You know the old saying, first impressions matter. It's a beautiful state! The drive up here was a remarkable feast for the eyes with mountains all along the way. Not your Rocky Mountains mountains, but the lovely older beauties. And, so far, the people are wonderfully friendly.

For example, I'll tell you about our encounter with Denny outside a gas/convenience store chain called Sheetz (Bill and I wondered about that name). Our wiper blades were shot, leaving the most annoying and dangerous smear every time they swung across the windshield. We stopped at Wal-Mart, purchased new blades and searched for a gas station with cover since it was pouring. There, outside the Sheetz station, Bill proceeded to replace the blades which were not cooperating. In comes Denny, short-sleeved and in flip-flops no less. "Having trouble?" he asked. He said, "They should just snap on." Well, they weren't, but after consulting the instructions, Denny figured it out and we were on our way after thanking him. So, Denny in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, I want to publicly thank you again. You were a dear and kind soul to take the time to help two Southerners on a cold and wet evening.


Jay Croft said...

Ah, yes, Sheila. There really is a chain of gas stations in rural Pennsylvania and Maryland called Sheetz.

And there are 7-11 type stores in Pennsylvania called Wawa. I am not making this up.

Marion said...

Whenever I think of Pennsylvania, I think of green, rolling mountains. I have never been there, but you describe it much as I imagined it.

I am looking forward to hearing more about your trip and move!

Sheila said...

Jay and Marion, thanks for your comments. I'll be writing more as our family makes the transition. I love the mountains and as a country girl at heart, I will find myself relearning to love a more country or rural lifestyle.

Jay, the college basketball team at Bill's new school, Juniata, is playing Gallaudet tonight.

Don said...

Sheila, while not being averse to mysteries, I prefer short ones. You gave one clue as to why you are leaving Montgomery when you mentioned Bill's new school in your reply to Jay, but that's all, thus far.

I know PA has much to offer, but I often wondered when I was stationed at Tampa, FL, why about 90% of my neighbors moved to there from PA.

Maybe you should change the name of this blog to “Alabama Stinks”.

Jay Croft said...


There is a type of sausage popular in Pennsylvania called "scrapple." Don't ask what's in it. You don't want to know.

One whiff will tell youthat it's vile stuff.

Dirty Butter said...

What an interesting year this is going to be for you!! You'll still be a Bama girl at heart, and that's what counts.

I guess that means the blog will be gone? That's a shame.

AlexD said...


Have fun and keep us posted on the "Goings on" of northern life, and hey a picture documentary would be kinda nice...but its just a thought.


Sheila said...

Don, I could never think Alabama stinks. Both Bill and I love this state dearly. Pennsylvania is surprisingly very attractive to retirees with the way the state regards retirement income. Plus, it is strikingly beautiful. Of course, we were in south-central PA and I'm sure the industrial cities do not have that charm.

Jay, I may be a country girl, but I know enough to avoid scrapple. Also, on the menu at a little diner was something called “pudding meat” and I forbade Bill to ask what that was. Then, someone told us about turkey waffles. I'm sure we will run across a bunch more new foods and ways of doing things.

DB, I'll always be that Bama girl and with the new football coach at Bama, I could probably talk Bill into visiting for a game. I'll keep posting at the blog until I move later in the year.

Alex, I could kick myself for leaving the camera at home on my visit this week. But I'll try to remember for the next visit.