Friday, January 12, 2007

Skip the Breakfast Fast Food

This morning I noticed a link to Self Magazine's Jump Start Diet. The magazine has tips on how you can begin to lose weight. I found most of them pretty good, but the one about eggs was especially interesting to me in light of the Christmas present I received from Scottie. Eggs have been in, out and now in again apparently. Just don't eat too many of them. I found eating an egg with a piece of Canadian bacon filled me up when I started the South Beach Diet (SBD) a few months ago. With my new Back to Basics Egg & Muffin Toaster, I can put in a piece of whole-grain bread (which is allowed after the initial SBD period), spray the egg cooker thingy with Pam, crack the egg, slap the precooked Canadian bacon on the steamer tray and in about three minutes, I have a hot breakfast.

I swear this isn't an ad for anything. Scottie works at Kohl's and this is where he found my present which I love, Scottie.


Tim said...

A diet?!? No, no, no, no . . . . Sheila, take it from this younger idiot - diets do not work. Learning a new lifestyle of eating is what works. One may not lose the pounds and weight as quickly as one would like, but it's much safer and healthier.

I've learned that as long as you cut out the extremely fatty foods, you can virtually eat what you like, as long as the "heavier" foods are in moderation. I know, easier said than done. We simply just don't have all of the foods in the house that would be a temptation. I have no control when it comes to chocolate, so there's only a little in the house at a time.

Hamburgers and pizza? Once a week, IF at all. Fast food? Drop 'em - go to subway an get the cold cut sub with lots of raw veggies.

And btw - chocolate in moderation is actually good for you. Same with red wine. Eggs? We have them several mornings a week. Really pumps the energy engine.

I have to say, though, that is a really nifty toaster. I want one!

Sheila said...

Tim, I do agree with you your take on diets. That said, I don't really consider the South Beach Diet book a "diet book" in the traditional sense. I consider it more of a "new lifestyle of eating" as you term it. I have found that I was eating way too much bread, pasta, sugar and potatoes for my body. Once I modified those types of food, I started to lose weight and have kept it off. I still eat bread but I take special pains to see that it is whole grain. I found the initial 2 week South Beach Diet period the trick to getting accustomed to the new way of eating.

I'm eating more nuts, lower fat cheese, veggies and other good stuff. Of course, I still have those times when I slip into the old way like this week when I had ice cream. I need to avoid a wholesale slipage as that would not be good.

And chocolate? The darker kind is better and I think you are less likely to eat as much. Moderation and balance is pretty much the key. When we get out of balance, we get into trouble.

Naomi said...

Hi Sheila and Tim

Yes I agree moderation is the important when trying to lose weight. I love the gadget that Scottie bought you for Xmas. We don't have these in England. It's brilliant! They used to promote here going to work on an egg - a boiled one to be healthy! - to keep you going until lunchtime! I usually eat porridge every day which keeps me going.

Sheila said...

Naomi, I like your coverage of food topics on your blog. The stories are always interesting. The egg does go a long way to filling me up. And second choice is the porridge or oatmeal as we call it.