Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Melon Ballers & Cherry Pitters

Is your kitchen cluttered with gadgets and gizmos that seem to be overtaking every available inch? I have drawer upon drawer stuffed with hardly ever-used stuff. When my son Jeff visited at Christmas time and needed a melon baller to scoop out the middle of some pears, he asked, “Mom, do you have a melon baller?” Of course, if I did, I wouldn’t have known where it was. Instead, he used my set of stainless steel measuring spoons which worked just fine in my humble opinion. So, you see when forced to improvise, we find we really don’t need all those gadgets and gizmos after all. I would, however, like to keep my cherry pitter.


Tim said...

I find myself improvising with quite a bit in the kitchen, since we've not the gadget problem, but room to store them. So, we make due with what we have room for. I'm ready to buy a house soon . . .

Jay Croft said...

For Christmas some years ago, my daughter gave me a battery-powered cheese grater--with a light on it!

Completely useless, but I guess it's the thought that counts.

Janey Loree said...

Stopped by to see how you're doing! We never throw anything away...my dad used our "melon baller" for the butter at Christmas!

Dirty Butter said...

My father-in-law's house had every imaginable gadget, many still in the original boxes, some as far back as the 50's! We raked up big time selling them all on eBay.

I don't have many gadgets - they take up too much room for the use you get out of them.

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Sheila said...

Thanks all for stopping by. Hope you can find a wonderful house, Tim. Just don't fall into the clutter trap.

Jay, that cheese grater sounds great to me. Right now I use one of those old fashioned box grater's and the handle has come off.

Janey, the butter baller sounds like a better and funner name for the melon baller.

DB, I guess that your father-in-law's collections really did pay off. I just think that one day someone is going to have to go through all of my stuff and it will get thrown out. So, maybe the thing to do is to save the trouble and me do it.