Friday, January 19, 2007

Red Velvet Cake

It took me a while to warm up to Publix grocery stores. The reason is so strange I hardly want to admit it, but here goes. When a new store opened in our area a year or so ago, as I walked along I kept getting one of those little shocks every time I touched something metal. In the winter, I’m quite a sight as I try to open store doors without incurring the shocks. I have been known to wait until another braver soul comes along and to quickly scoot in afterwards. Well, I’ve conquered the shock factor, and I haven’t experienced this phenomenon since for whatever reason.

And, I love shopping at Publix for the good products and customer service found there. As a designer, I note things like packaging, and Publix products have garnered design attention from the likes of Communication Arts Magazine.

What does all of this have to do with Red Velvet Cake dear gentle readers? Well, yesterday I noticed that Publix now has a Red Velvet Cake flavor of its premium ice cream. I long to try it especially after hearing it’s good according to a fellow blogger who felt so strongly about it that he wrote a letter to Publix. But, I’m trying to avoid sugar and instead opted for the Blue Bell No Sugar ice cream which is tasty enough to please my teenage son.

In the South, Red Velvet Cake is a traditional dessert well worth the calories and the red food coloring. Over Christmas I made one to celebrate my daughter-in-law Natalie’s birthday. Now, I do not usually make cakes from scratch, choosing instead to buy the Duncan Hines (they make a Red Velvet version too). But I thought Martha Stewart’s recipe sounded good, and I gave it a shot. I even took a photograph just to prove I could make a homemade cake.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I think the Red Velvet Cake ice cream would be a great treat to end a Valentine’s meal if it’s as good as I think it is and if you are not up to baking a cake.

Note: This little Valentine to Publix is entirely without compensation although I would accept a coupon for some of the Red Velvet ice cream.


Marion said...

Sheila, I have wanted to try Red Velvet Cake forever,you have inspired me to finally try it for Valentine's Day!

I'm not a great cake baker, but I'll let you know how it turns out.

By the way, I get terrible "shocks" in new stores, too! I've always wondered why that is.

Sheila said...

Good luck with the cake. I guess I never thought that the shocks were connected with the stores being new. Interesting.

Tim said...

Ok, now I want cake, and I don't even like cake.

Don said...

Sheila, “if you are not up to baking a cake” and if you like cakes, for those in the Montgomery area I would suggest they try what I believe is called a “Seven Layer Cake” from Oaktree Foods in the Eastbrook Shopping Center. I believe that store is the only local source for these cakes made especially for it, and everyone I know of who has tried one loves them. I believe you have to phone in an order for one a day or so in advance.

Sheila said...

Tim, go ahead and make that cake although I seem to recall you saying the folks in Norway aren't too big on desserts unless it's holiday time.

Thanks Don. I've never tried the Seven Layer Cake but it sounds wonderful. I'm trying like the dickins to avoid sweets, and so far I've been fairly successful. I do not want to become diabetic and right now I'm hypoglycemic and have a chance to reform my eating habits before it's too late.

Naomi said...

That cake looks so good Sheila! You made me feel hungry! I really try to avoid eating too many cakes but working in an office it's very difficult as people bring them in for birthdays and special events! I love carrot cake and tell myself it's healthy because there are carrots in it!

Sheila said...

Thanks, Naomi. I know what you mean by office food. Worst temptation: those pot-luck affairs where I have to try food I know I shouldn't. I'm with you on the carrot cake. I dearly love a moist carrot cake and the wonderful cream cheese frosting usually put on it here in the U.S.

AlexD said...


Publix is a grocery store with mega-oooooh factor. I get lost in their green and stainless steel motif, as I putter around saying, "Winn-Dixie doesn't have that." I do enjoy a good Red Velvet cake so I will have to try their Red Velvet Ice Cream. I enjoyed this post. Keep up the good work.


Sheila said...

Alex, I have yet to try the Red Velvet Ice Cream at Publix. I kept seeing that quite a few people had visited my blog lately and checked with Google to see that I was the 5th site for RVC. Judging from this I figure a lot of other people really really like Red Velvet Cake.

This cake would make a lovely Valentine's treat. I liked Martha's recipe since it calls for butter whereas most other recipes don't. If you make it, you can skip the nuts as I did or add them if you so desire. It does take more time to make, but I think the result is worth the effort and it is really not that much trouble.

Joseph Shippee said...

Sheila - you must try the Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream - it's absolutely amazing. I just asked about it tonight, and the grocery manager said it should be arriving at all Publix locations within a couple weeks! They already have their pumpkie pie flavor, and should have the other fall/winter flavors (like the famous Red Velvet Cake) soon!