Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Boys Gone Natural

The boys are somewhere up in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Well, I assume they are there. I did get one phone call from Scotty that he and his two buddies had arrived. I don’t think they are partying with the Girls Gone Wild tour. They are probably trying to keep Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo from stealing their picanick basket. They are camping.

I remember how much fun spring break was when I was a kid. We didn’t go on any fancy trips like some kids do now to Cancun or New York City. We just hung around the house playing board games and pestering our parents for some excitement while the teachers went to their annual statewide meeting. That didn’t seem fair that they were busy learning new ways to make our lives more difficult when we returned to school.

Taking off is highly underappreciated with Americans vacationing far less than those enlightened Europeans who take the whole month of August off. I don’t see much benefit in all of our industriousness. The “Man” is still sending our jobs off to India, China and Dubai.

So, here’s to goofing off, taking off, road trips, vacationing and playing hooky.


Jay Croft said...


Sheila said...

Pickanick or picanick? That is the question. Where's ole Yogi Bear when you need him? Don't imagine he cares as along as there's food. I think there's a division as to how to spell Yogi's 'picnic' basket.

The boys had a great time, met some funny and highly wasted UT college students, hiked to waterfalls, built dangerously big bonfires and came home tired but happy. The only bad things were Scotty fell and busted my camera but not himself and his friend lost a check card. Oh, and they went to South Carolina by mistake.

Naomi said...

Great photos Sheila. I'm sure the boys enjoyed their trip. We used to get the Yogi Bear show over hear. Your post made me smile.

Sheila said...

Who doesn't love Yogi Bear? Naomi, the photos were from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Service brochure. Scotty said the bears hadn't woken up from their winter's sleep yet. They did take a few photos before the camera incident.