Monday, March 05, 2007

Self Promotion Cross-Venue Monday

Over at River City Views, has a new template for my Montgomery blog. It's a nice view of a river--I seriously don't think it's the Alabama River though. Plus, they added the comments feature. I like having two blogs since I can delineate content that way although I hardly ever do so.

I imagine the world has heard enough about Alabama the last few days to do for a while with the Enterprise tornado destruction and the commemoration of Bloody Sunday. And heck, we don't even have an American Idol contestant to root for this season. So, stop by often and leave a comment so that I'll know Alabama is still on your mind.

And I did warn readers that from time to time I do engage in blatant self-promotion and why should I stop today? I haven't paid much attention to shops for some time, but I've noticed in my sales reports that the shop is out performing the original Sheila for Kids. That's fine, because today I'm sending a donation to the charity as promised. The top sellers at Hanging in There are shown. The "Believe" design was featured as a part of October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month at CafePress. Thanks to everyone who has purchased t-shirts, mugs, clocks and other products with my designs. I value your business greatly and after I get the house on the market, I'll be creating some new work.

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