Friday, March 09, 2007

She’s on the Market

Yes, the day finally came and Allison got the house up on the MLS yesterday. For Sale in Montgomery, Alabama: charming house with tons of character, a cool swimming pool and a house whose previous recent owners include two college professors, a judge and a noted Southern author plus the current talented and witty owners.

In the past, we've bought two houses from owners directly, sold one that way, used real estate agents for six transactions (3 homes). We've worried with termites, mold, leaky roofs, cracked windows, and countless other issues. We've lived with made-up beds, spotless kitchens, clean carpeting, pretty flowers and washed windows all in the name of inticing buyers. We've loaded cats and a large dog into my little red car and sat up the street in subzero weather while potential buyers trooped through homes. Yes, it does all eventually pay off.

The best house-selling experience was in Mariemont, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, when on the third day after listing, a buyer bought our house which happened to be located on U.S. Hwy 50 where we were treated to several accidents right in front of the house. The longest took about three months.

Three days. Three months. I'll take three days. E-mail me. I have a house you ought to buy.


Marion said...

What a beautiful house...I am sure you will miss it after all your reno's.

The longest I ever had a house on the market was six months...the longest six months of my life! Everyday, the house was clean, for any potential buyers who might wander through.

I really hope that your house sells quickly. Once the deed is done, you can move on to the next phase in your life. It is always so hard to wait.

Thanks for the pic, Sheila...if I lived there, I'd buy it! Oh, and just wanted to let you know that you're link for the house didn't work for me...I'll check back later.

Sheila said...

Oh Marion, I don't even want to think about six months. That seems forever. You are so right about the waiting--the limbo.

Naomi said...

Beautiful house Sheila. It looks like it has a lot of character. I'm sure it will sell fast!

Sheila said...

Hope so, Naomi. It does have the charm and character missing in a lot of newer homes. I don't suppose I want a new home unless someone gave it to me.