Sunday, March 11, 2007

When It’s Time to Let Go

This story out of Idaho captured my attention today. A ‘berserk’ house cat attacked it’s owner sending her to the hospital by ambulance with over 20 bite wounds according to the AP. Apparently the cat attacked his owner after she answered the door to a neighbor holding another cat that she thought was the woman’s. “I think the owner said she was going to take it to the shelter because that's not the first time she’s been attacked,” said the assistant fire chief.

I guess I can understand the woman wanting to give the cat another chance. We once had a black and white hellcat named Butch that we kept for nearly 20 years. I think his meanness fueled his longivity. As a kitten, he would attack Bill and then dash under the bed before Bill could find the broom to chase him. When son one was a toddler, Butch gave him a scratch that left a facial scar. Butch was taken to the vet and declawed after that. The vet said, "We don't normally declaw a cat this old." Butch remained a household fixture but never was he the loving fat kitty that makes a good pet.

I think the lady in Idaho made the right decision.

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