Thursday, March 22, 2007

Short & Sweet Thursday

Let us rid our vocabularies of:

Went missing

Passed away (died)

Resigned under pressure (fired)

Have some more nominees? Let's hear them.


Jay Croft said...

Actually, there's a difference between "resigned under pressure" and fired.

"Resigned under Pressure" means that the person was allowed to quit, and thus it may not show up on his or her record. "Fired," made famous by Donald Trump," means just that. The boss says, "Get out right now."

Sheila said...

So noted. But isn't the effect the same? Jay, you'd make a good editor.

I came across another one while looking at my Coldwater Creek catalog: faux leather. I guess it just sounds nicer on the ears than vinyl or plastic or whatever the material that is not leather is.

Jay Croft said...

At one time I was editing three church newsletters.

And in 1999 I had to proof-read my wife's PhD dissertation, twice, in addition to many drafts, proposals, revisions and whatnot. I declined her request to proof-read it a third time.

Sheila said...

Well, see. That explains it. While my training was in journalism, I've gotten a lot of experience over the years proofreading husband Bill's magazines and publications. I would miss things but delighted when I could catch something everyone else missed. He's a great editor.

I can't imagine reading the dissertation a third time. Your wife is lucky you did it twice.

Sarah the Penguin said...

One of my former employers was fond of saying "Bob Smith has left to pursue other interests."

Those interests often involved standing in line at the unemployment office.

There were no "pink slips" at this company, but rather a set of memos taped to the doors by the stairwells.
Heck of a way to find out you've lost your job.

Sheila said...

Thanks Sarah for this addition. What a lousy way to get dismissed (there's another one for you)!