Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In the Market for a Dog

About a year and a half ago, our English Springer Spaniel Samantha died. She was practically my best friend and nursed me through days of cancer treatments, tears and fears. I had found myself ready for another dog for a while now but couldn’t persuade my husband that this was a good idea. Strangely, after he closed the boat deal, he said, “You can get your dog now.”

And that dear gentle readers is how I’ve come to think about another dog. I haven’t let go of my Samantha. She’ll always have a great piece of my heart. The little square tin holding her remains made the move with us. I don’t quite know what to do with it just yet.

I’ve looked online at English Springer Spaniels and not one looks right. You see, Samantha was one of the prettiest Springers I’ve seen, with her silky black and white coat and the perfect blaze atop her head. I’m toying with another breed. Those Wirehaired Fox Terriers look awfully cute. And I saw an Irish Terrier . . . and then there’re those Bulldogs who are so, so ugly that they’re cute. Who knows what I’ll end up with. Any suggestions?

note: I wrote about Samantha back in September of 2006.


Marion said...

After years of purebred dogs, I am back to the mixed breed.For the first time, however, for me, both mine have terrier in them; it would not be my choice next time, lol! Terriers have characteristics that are too high energy for me, now...I once owned a springer, and would take one again!

I've found over years of dog ownership, with most dying of old age, that all dogs are different, just as people are. But there are dogs I will always hold close to my heart, just a little more than others...our souls meshed, perhaps.

Sounds like Samantha was one of those, for you. I can't wait to see pictures of the future new member of your family!

natalie said...

Hi Sheila,

Glad to hear you are on your path to another dog. I think once you've had a great dog, it's hard to be without one. There are so many great breeds of dogs out there. I think there are so many pretty mixed breed dogs out there, and I know it might be hard to have another springer compete with Sam's legacy. But, I think actually meeting some dogs (springers and otherwise) and checking out their personalities (even if they are puppies) is the best method. I think you'll know if the looks and attitude of the dog are a good fit after you do some in-person investigating. Although, I know if you're like me it's tempting to want to take them all! I think you need a dog with a strong personality.

Funny, your dog and boat story reminds me of something similar, but in a different order, that's happened with my parents. My dad has been talking about wanting another dog, and my mom has always wanted wood floors. She told my dad he could get a dog after she got wood floors (an expense he wasn't thrilled about) and she just recently got them. So, I think my dad has started looking at goldens. But, he's seen some available and not found the right fit yet. Their neighbors just got a flat-coated retriever girl (they look like a smaller, black golden), and my dad really likes her personality. As a side note, her name is Bella, and she became Monte's girlfriend during out last visit. They were separated by a tall wooden fence but ran back and forth together and rubbed noses under a large gap. too cute. I tried to get the owner to let them play, but they were busy.

best of luck in your search.

Miss Trashahassee said...


What a touching story -- I need a Kleenex!

Our family has been "dogless" forever -- we tried to keep a dog when we first moved to this house (in 1998) but she ran away. A few weeks ago I was coming out of City Hall downtown and was greeted by a homely but eager stray mutt that followed me to my minivan. I shooed him away and drove back to my office. When I got home that evening, that same mutt was at our house playing with my 14-year-old son. The pooch had gone to the high school (a few blocks away from City Hall) and followed my son home from school (a few blocks away, as well).

We had to keep him because, well, it was destiny, wasn't it?

I always thought that if we ever got another dog, it would be some little fluffy, prissy purebred that I could carry around in my purse, not this ball of energy/happiness-on-a-stick stray that chose OUR family out of all the others in town.

"Mr. Sasuke" has my heart, for sure, and when you meet the one who will capture yours again, you'll know. And trust me, genes won't have a thing to do with it.

Miss T

Sheila said...

Marion, I will of course take lots of photos when I find the "right" dog. I'm partial to black and white animals. Well, all except skunks. And I don't intend to get one of those.

Miss T, that's a great dog story. Yeah, you really had to keep that dog. It was fate. I wouldn't be interested in those little, fluffy dogs who thought you might want and I can't see you with one either.

Natalie, I wish Monte and Bella could have played together. Maybe next time. There nothing more fun than to watch two dogs playing and I'll bet Monte is a hoot with other dogs. I hope your dad finds what he's looking for. Isn't it funny our we make these little trade offs? And I'm glad your mom got her wood floors. I think your advice is right on about visiting and I would never buy or get a dog without seeing where she came from or at least seeing her first. Bill actually suggested we think about a Golden in part because of Sebastian. He was one of those special dogs. Tell your dad if he hears of any Springers up his way to let me know and I'll do the same down here.

natalie said...

No problem. I'll tell my dad you're on the lookout for a springer and can keep an eye, out, too. Goldens are much more sedate than springers, which can be good and bad. it depends on what you want.
My dad has always been the dog person, but I can tell my mom enjoys having "granddogs." They take care of Lindsay's boxers quite often.

Miss T -- I love the story about the dog choosing you. What a good feeling to be so wanted and to give a loving dog a home in return. congrats to your family.

Sheila said...

The big dogs are nice, but I keep thinking back to when we had our cocker spaniel, Skipper, and I had to carry him down and up stairs for potty time when he became ill. I can't see me doing that with a big dog.

mrsnesbitt said...

Hi Sheila,
Came here via Blog Village where I have a low ranking and no friends! LOL! I am addressing that one!

I read with interest your post re your dog. I lost my beloved German Shepherd Christmas 2006, Max, my protector.

We always have 2 dogs, so the loss of one does not upset us too much.....but ofcourse it does. We now have 2 german shepherd bitches, Wilma and Elsie. We live on the North East Coast, yes near to the flooding, we are safe. The beach is a great place to walk my dog and think!

Great blog, do visit mine and let me know how I can increase my ranking, if worthy!
Have a great day!