Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You Can’t Keep a Pisces From the Water

The Great Missouri Compromise I was referring to in the previous post involved my husband and a boat.

After much back and forth, I threw in the towel on the matter, and yesterday he signed the paperwork for the boat and trekked down to Table Rock Lake. However, once he and the fellow who delivered the boat to the lake got the thing into the water, there were problems. The engine started, the boat moved forward about 50 feet and then the motor sputtered to a halt. A line was thrown back to shore and the boat with my husband onboard was pulled back. No amount of puttering by either of the two men could start the engine. After several calls to the marina receptionist who patched dropped calls through to a repair shop, help was finally secured and the boat was carried away for attention. My husband joked to the receptionist, “You were so much help with the calls I ought to give you a tip. Here it is: Don’t buy a used boat!”

Today, brought news that there had been water in the tank that apparently came in through a faulty gas cap, and my husband went down to finish the job of docking the boat at the marina slip. But first he took the boat out onto the lake and called a while ago to let me know that indeed he was on the lake and had just finished a swim. Pisces found his element and was, for this moment, at peace and happy.


Marion said...

Ahh...I got tears in my eyes, Sheila, when I read this...there really is nothing like a Pisces and Water...it soothes me every time I'm near it. It doesn't matter whether it's a lake, stream, river or ocean. I'm so glad your husband got his boat!

Used or not, lol!

Sheila said...

Marion, he took the boat out for the first time on Monday and drove all over the lake, jumping in for a swim when so inclined. If he's happy, I'm happy.