Thursday, June 28, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

I so rarely go to the movies these days but trudged along yesterday with the guys for the new Bruce Willis action movie, Live Free or Die Hard. Short on plot; long on action just like a summer movie should be. has a review if you want more details, but I wanted to write about a scene in the movie that I’m still thinking about this morning.

You know the Mac guy from the Apple Computer ads? Justin Long’s his name and he plays a geeky computer hacker-type Bruce is charged with delivering to the FBI to avert an attack on all U.S. technological systems: transportation, Wall Street, etc. by cyber-terrorists. In between fending off the bad guys and trying to save the day, Bruce listens as Apple Guy gets all philosophical on him and says, “It’s all controlled and manipulated,” or something like that. I wasn’t taking notes. They were watching the news as the terrorists hacked into broadcast feeds to deliver their evil message.What Apple Guy was referring to was what we are fed as news by the corporate media.

And I thought, maybe he’s right. Maybe if we watch enough of stories covering Anna Nichol Smith and Paris Hilton or Ann Coulter’s screeching, we won’t notice what’s happening that really matters. Could TV be the “opiate of the people?” And are we getting what we deserve?


Dan said...

That's why I like blogs and indepedent newspapers. Decentralize the information!

Sheila said...

Thanks, Dan. And that's why I too like to visit blogs like yours and as many different papers and sources as possible. Problem is, I don't always have as much time as I'd like, but I do think I'm more informed than someone who gets his take on news from one source like Rush Limbaugh.

Naomi said...

Great post Sheila. I agree with everything you say. That's why it's never good to rely on getting news from one source. Thankfully we have the internet now so there are so many good news site out there with quality news. I love Bruce Willis and am looking forward to seeing that movie myself

Sheila said...

Naomi, I don't think you'll be disappointed with ole Bruce. Although here in the States the movie had a PG-13 rating and he couldn't even say his famous line. There were times during the movie that called for more smart-ass lines but for some reason, we didn't get them. Shame on the writers.

Marion said...

That's a super photo! Is that a poppy seed head? Oozing sap? I couldn't tell, lol!

I'm glad I can use the internet to search out different sources of the news. It is amazing to me how much fear sells; there are always projections and what-ifs and maybes on the nightly news, it seems.