Friday, June 08, 2007

The Real Springfield is in ???

Oh, boy I am pumped. My new hometown, Springfield, is in the running to host the world premiere of 20th Century Fox’s “The Simpsons Movie” in July. I am fairly confident the city’s movers and shakers will pull this off despite competing with at least 13 other Springfields.

As I write this, production of the required three-to-five minute video is well under way by a team from New York City working with the Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau. This morning’s Springfield News Leader had a big above-the-fold story about the efforts to attract the movie-promoters’ attention, and townsfolk can be part of the fun by attending this evening’s Springfield Cardinals game where filming is planned.

My two boys grew up loving “The Simpsons.” Heck, we have so many of Matt Groening’s books they fill a box. And then there are the character figures, games and t-shirts we’ve bought over the years. Lots of D’oh as well as dough.

Regular and irregular readers may know we recently moved from Alabama to Springfield and in the process of unpacking I came across one of those old Simpsons books, The Simpsons Guide to Springfield. Sadly, I think the Sweet Home Alabama store mentioned on page 98 has gone out of business--I can’t find it anywhere. At the time the book was published in 1998 the shop was struggling and had been forced to shut its doors after its proprietors were caught selling items from Kentucky instead of the promised “things from Alabama.”


P.S. Al a American Idol, the winner of the premiere competition will be chosen on USA Today’s Web site. Vote early and vote often and vote for my Springfield. Did I mention the state? SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI!


Naomi said...

I enjoyed this post Sheila. I love The Simpsons, especially Homer. They are very popular here in England.

Sheila said...

Naomi, I think their popularity has diminished here. We hardly ever watch the tv show but I hope my new home town is successful in getting the movie premiere and I would surely go if its here.

Jackie said...

The Simpson Premier I am sure will be a wonderful boost for the town. I am not a big fan but have friends who are crazy about it.

Sheila said...

Jackie, it is amazing to me that American culture worms its way to all corners of the world, including to your South Africa. But hold on, Springfield, Missouri, doesn't have the premiere wrapped up just yet. I'll let everyone know if the town snags it.

Marion said...'re not far from where friends of mine live in Winona, I don't think.

I enjoyed the link to your newspaper...I love to read newspapers from places far away. A different perspective on things.

But the Simpson premiere! Hope your town gets it...there would be no holding back members of my family if it was held here!

I watch it rarely now, but there used to be a time it was never missed!

Sheila said...

I'm like you, Marion, and never watch the show anymore. I'll always have a fond spot in my heart though for all of the fun I've had in the past. It was just one of those shows that should have retired before the ideas wore out. Hoping the movie premieres here.

Tim said...

Should be an interesting outcome - considering the show always features an ocean, desert and mountains near by.

Sheila said...

I am thinking where the "perfect" Springfield would be considering your features. Now, Springfield, MO has a really big lake nearby for the water and then of course, the Ozark Mountain range. But the desert has me stumped.