Monday, June 25, 2007

Procrastinator Proliferation

After I finally found the transfer cable yesterday, I was able to download a bunch of photos. This one was taken last month at son Scott’s high school graduation. The move, a visit from his friend and a road trip to Arkansas—that’s behind him, and this week means it’s time to wrap up those last little details for college. Health forms, photo for Hendrix College’s version of Facebook, financial aid-related chores, choosing which orientation trip to sign up for, etc.

I woke up early this morning with these things on my mind, so early I heard a couple of owls calling their who-whos to each other, and this helicopter parent thought to herself, “Why isn’t my son thinking of these things?” I’ve been struggling with how involved to be in the whole process. How much research should a parent do? How much is too much guidance and advice? By now, isn’t a parent’s main job to sign the checks to pay for the education?

Yet, here I am hovering again. I suppose my procrastination gene has found root in another son. We’ll tackle the work today and I’ll tackle what I’ve been putting off—looking for a job to help with the expenses of this grand adventure.


Marion said...

Oh, I ever remember this time in my life when my kids headed off to university. They seemed so slow about it all, while scenarios of disaster ran through my head.

They were used to me doing for them; I continued the best I could for a long time, easing them into making decisions on their own. But still, much later in my elder daughter's life, I continued to receive phone calls for help with decisions. And that's long as they make the final decision!

Mmmmm...procrastination about job hunting...I probably match you on that one, lol!

Kilroy_60 said...

Procrastination, hmmmmmmm, would that be why I've meant to stop and write comments for months without getting here?

I remember when I started visiting you; loved surfing. It was so easy to find posts to comment on. More difficult not commenting in fact. I'll be back soon for another go at it; visiting friends will surely make the experiment more interesting.

In the meantime, we're having a Friends of Kilroy carnival. The deadline is fast approaching; I'm hoping you'll be able to make time to get a post in.

As you are linked to me, the people linked to you are eligible to post as well. Two degrees of separation, eh.

Just a quick note, have you ever heard the John Prine song where he talks about Jesus walking across the water to talk to the fisherman?


Sheila said...

Marion, I just keep struggling with this issue. Your approach with your daughter makes me think maybe I'm making too much of it. Just help and worry about the independence evolving over time.

Sheila said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Kilroy. I find it harder and harder to do so went I want. Not familiar with the song but will check it out if I get a chance. Also, I'll try to remember the carnival and make a contribution. Right now I gotta mow the lawn before the rain comes. Ah life!

Naomi said...

Good photo Sheila. I'm sure Scotty appreciates all the help and advice you can give him.

Sheila said...

Not sure, Naomi, whether he appreciates it but he still gets it. Ha.