Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cats Rule

artwork from Colorful Joe

A favorite blogger of mine is also favored by several regular readers who are cats or at least they say they are. You never really know with bloggers. Miss Bee, or Auntie Bee to some of the felines, always has a picture of a kitty or two fashionably attired even though she is apparently catless herself.

So, today I explore the world of cat bloggers. If you think these are indeed miracle animals, you would be slightly wrong. To the uninformed, “beans” actually do the writing from the cat’s point of view. Some cat blogs have wonderful photos of cats in various stages of dress and undress. Where do these outfits come from?

Some of the kitties recount attempted escapes and trips to the vet for “hoo ha” surgery. But they are not about cats from a human perspective. They are about humans from a cat’s perspective. And let me tell you, we humans are real strange characters.

I can appreciate now how come I took adult first place in “Through the Cat’s Eye,” a juried art competition fundraiser last spring for the local humane society. My folk-style painting of Butch apparently wowed the judges who must have been as loopy as Paula Abdul on American Idol. I understand now that people love a cat with an attitude, and Butch surely had that. He didn’t take any crap from anyone. He was too much cat for our family, which 19 years later we realized. Now perhaps all cats do go to heaven but then there's Butch.

Recommended cat blogs:

Daisy the Curly Cat
Daisy has a devoted group of regulars, and some days there are over 70 comments, which is no small feat for the best of two-legged bloggers and even more outstanding for the four-pawed pundits. Daisy recently blogged about discovering that her tiara was plastic. Oh the disappointments a girl suffers!

Meezer Tails
Two gorgeous Siamese cats. For some reason, Siamese cats are quite vocal bloggers. I've been acquainted with two of these lovely cats in my life and both had a hard time being discrete with their opinions.

Skeezix’s Scratching Post


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

what a lovely kitty post! and you chose three lovely ones to feature. they bring me so much joy!

smiles, (aunite) bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Believe or not, daisy the curly cat is my first stop, she is one cool cat. I am so pleased that you left a comment at Miss Trashahassee which led me to your blog. Isn't blogging fun.

Sheila said...

Miss Bee,
I found the cat bloggers from you when I asked you about those cat photos I kept seeing.

That Daisy is one cool cat. I'm glad our paths crossed all due to Miss T. Yes, I'm enjoying my connections.

Sarge Charlie said...

I forgot to tell you, Daisy had some Sea Monkeys for pets, she named the Brave one SargeCharlie.

Sheila said...

Daisy and her mom ought to write a book. Afterall, Millie and Mrs. Bush did. Hmmm. Maybe they are the ones that got all of this animal talk started, but I can't remember if Millie "wrote" the book or if it was about Millie. You know Sarge, I'm a Democrat, but those Bushes knew how to pick the right dogs.

Marion said...

Thanks for the links, Sheila...I love cat blogs. I am seriously cat-deprived, since the Universe saw fit to bless (?) me with two big dogs...and I get my fix from reading some of these.

Butch, now...I believe he's up there in heaven, doing just what he did down here, being a total pain in the butt...but with presence. They'll know he's there. lol

Lorelei said...

Not to throw any competition out here, but let's not leave our other furry companions out. :D

Here's a cute one: http://lucyspeak.blogspot.com/

Sheila said...

Marion, I used to dress up my pets as a kid and so I guess I can understand dressing up the cats, but getting a cat to do anything it doesn't want to do is next to impossible. These folks must be the world's best animal trainers. Your dogs probably wouldn't appreciate a newcomer, especially of the feline variety.

That link had the best cartoon. I got a big chuckle. Thanks for mentioning it.

Educator-To-Be said...

You have a wonderful, charming blog. I just wanted you to know that. Amy

Sheila said...

You are too kind. Thank you so much.

Naomi said...

There are some really good cat blogs out there Sheila. I posted in a couple of cat carnivals recently. I'll check out those links. They sound like interesting blogs.