Thursday, September 06, 2007

Just Looking

We visited the local Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World over Labor Day weekend. Husband asked me along “just to see what they have on sale.” Now, I’ve been married to this man long enough to know he wasn’t simply window-shopping. He had in mind something and he was hoping it would be on sale.

This place is huge. Bass Pro has a presence in at least 24 states and Canada, but Springfield is the headquarters and is itself a tourist destination. So on a holiday weekend it was crawling with tourists, so much so I could barely find a parking spot between all the cars from Arkansas, Kansas and for goodness sakes, California of all places. If you’ve ever been to Ikea, you get the idea. Bass Pro Shops is the Ikea of outdoor stuff and clothes to wear while you are there or if you want to look like you are the outdoorsy type. I’ve never been to Freeport, Maine, to L.L. Bean, but I’ll bet that store is kind of like a slightly more upscale Bass Pro.

Lodge themed would be how I describe the place with a hefty dose of “natural” thrown in. That three-story waterfall complete with ducks and fish amazed all the small fry. Upstairs at the mega buffet, is another site worth the glass elevator ride or stair climb—a 30,000 gallon saltwater aquarium filled with colorful fish. Toss in stuffed bears and other critters, guns, boats, camping gear, turkey-frying equipment, fishing paraphernalia ranging from waders to rods and you get the picture.

We didn’t even get over to the next-door museum or catalog outlet and we left with nothing. Woo Hoo! How often can I go shopping with husband without spending nada?

Turns out husband was looking for a grill to attach to his boat. I’m going to worry if he starts looking at tents for the thing.


Marion said...

Wow! Sounds like quite a place! And you never bought anything? Wow, again, lol!

But I do like that's perfect for cooking that freshly caught fish. With my eyesight, however, someone else would have to be the chef...that fish would end up back in the water, lol.

Naomi said...

That grill looks like a clever gadget Sheila. I haven't seen anything like that before. Sounds like an interesting place to visit. There is a Regatta outdoor clothing store not far from here. It's very good.

Joe said...

That place sounds like heaven!! (must be a guy thing) My wife gets worried when I go looking at power tools or a model airplane shop. She always asks "why do you want to go there when we can't afford to buy anything today? - The answer is quite simple. It doesn't cost anything to drool...

Sarge Charlie said...

us guys never could get over on you laides

Sheila said...

Husband doesn't even fish. So, I guess the only fish on the grill would be ones we bought. A friend asked him, "So what do you do on your boat?" "Well, I swim and read," he replied. Her look clearly indicated she would have been bored to tears. To each his or her own.

It was interesting but so congested that if I was serious about a purchase I'd go somewhere else or order off the Internet.

My words as we walked in, "We don't need to buy anything, you know."

In many ways, I have his number. It's like I'm one step ahead of his thinking. Well, there was that one time when I wasn't that I can't talk about.

Marsha said...

What a great idea. Thanks for the great description, I'll bet my husband would think he died and went to heaven if he ever found a store like that. Let's just keep this between us. It is already Friday, have a good weekend.

Sank said...

Ahh.. good old Bass Pro. Every spring a large box arrives at my front door from them, Mrs S is quick to see what we're spending's way in the tripe digits every year. I've been to the ones in Chicago, Nashville, and Springfield. We are supposed to be getting one in Minneapolis at the Mall of America.. can't wait.

We do have Cabelas up there. There are three stores around the area, same deal as Bass Pro, without the boats. The kids refer to it as "the dead animal zoo" because of the 100's and 100's of mounts they have.
Congratulations on getting out of there without spending any money. I would even waste my time going in there with Mrs S. Not worth the headaches

Don said...

Sheila, you must know that all of your readers are just dying to know about your teaser – that one time you can’t talk about.

Did you know that one of those Bass Pro Shops recently opened in your old stomping grounds of Prattville, AL? I doubt that it’s as impressive as the one you visited, but it’s impressive to a lot of folks around these backwoods down here. One of them was really impressed by the mounted and stuffed bears, including a grizzly, or so I heard on one of the forums (probably the Prattville Forum @

Your hubby doesn’t fish? He must be one of those “pointy-headed intellectuals” that GCW used to rail about.  Dang, someone on the boat needs to fish! What about you?

Sheila said...

Bass Pro is expanding and I'll bet they are coming soon to your next of the woods.

I remembered that you liked to fish. I am surprised that Mall of America didn't already have a Bass Pro. Anyway, there's always the catalog.

I'd fish if you'd come over here and bait my hook. There're some mighty big fish in Table Rock Lake but I'll have to contend myself with watching them jump up out of the water periodically. Now, fly fishing--that might be interesting and Missouri has a couple of good rivers for that.

Barrett Laurie said...

LOL! I love Bass Pro! I could wander around that store for hours! You are too funny, but I think your right, i would start to worry if he begins looking at tents! Tehe! I hope you have a great weekend Sheila! Take care friend!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

boys and their toys! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Sheila said...

A friend complained he hadn't heard from husband in awhile and I told him, "That damn boat is his new best friend!" I do enjoy going with him though. Sometimes I do like to wander around in these big stores, but they just wear the dickins out of me.

Miss B,
You hit the nail on the head. I'll bet Sarge has a few diversions of his own.

Akelamalu said...

Ah we can read them like a h'penny book can't we. That sounds like some store!

Pop by and pick up your badge for the nursery rhymes quiz. :)

Don said...

Sheila, believe it or not, but I've caught fish on an un-baited bare hook.

Miss Trashahassee said...


I am so glad it was you and not me who had to go to that place. I reckon I woulda been fine with a ball of string and a crochet hook and a chair in the corner. Then I'd be OK there. You are a saint.

Miss T

KJ said...

This isn't actually something I would opt to do for recreation, although I know I would find things to fascinate me. And just say the word "bass" and I hungry for fish!!!


Sheila said...

Are you sure that's not one of those fishin' tales? Poor fish. I feel sorry for that one but you must be a good fisherman.

Miss T,
I can't picture you crocheting. I do think I earned some "wife" brownie points that day.

That's kind of how husband regards fishing. "It's too much like work," he says.

Palm Springs Savant said...

nice grill..we guys love our grills. Funny how your husband tried to be coy...and funnier that you saw right through it!

Sheila said...

Yeah, I know him and unfortunately the reverse is true.

Don said...

Sheila, when we lived on Lake Jordan I fished nearly every day, for our freezer and those of friends who didn’t have time to fish. It’s true that I’ve caught fish on bare hooks and also true that a couple of times fish actually jumped into the boat with me. No skill required in either instance. :-)